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I got so many “Ang Pau”

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year is great! I have “gong gong & poh poh”,”Si Yee Poh”, so many uncles, aunties and “ko ko”, “jie jie” in my house. I love to play with them. And, I get to sleep so late. Also, I have 3 “ah Choh”, you know? Then, I got so… many Ang Pau with so much money in it. Hahahahahaha……

Also, I have daddy and “gong gong” to bathe for me almost everyday. I quickly bathe every morning once I woke up. As I enjoyed wearing all the beautiful new clothes. 😉

Besides, I get to try lots of cookies which I never tried before. Initially, Mummy was kind of worried as I ate so much groundnuts, chocolates, cookies and sweet beverages. Eventually, mummy felt so relieved as I still “pooh pooh”consistently even without taking colon cleansing products. God Bless! It’s such a happy new year. 😛

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