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1st Birthday Party (Part 2)

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 14, 2007


We still prepare other food at that night including fried bee hoon, fried mee, curry chicken. And, we have salad as appetizer and mix fruit jelly as dessert. Of course, as Chinese, “red eggs” ( actually is just normal boil egg, but we die it red) are the must have item while celebrating birthday. And, everyone who attend the celebration should take 1. However, if you ask me why, I am not sure. 😆

Lizzy, please remember that your 1st birthday party is actually a BBQ party. However, mum really got no time to snap a pic on the BBQ stuffs. So sorry ya, my dear!

And, we have all sorts of fizzy drinks. Even though 3 of the little ones including Lizzy were drinking Ribena.

And, look at her presents…

Thanks to all of the family members especially those that come far away from Ipoh.  I appreciate all of your efforts, be it attending the party or giving presents to my little one year old. Really thank you very much! 😛

There are 2 families from Ipoh. However, there is one that everyone of you here could be quite familiar with. That’s Justin, Isabelle, and Shoppingmum husband & wife. In fact, it’s been months we never get a chance to get together. So… I am glad that we enjoy the gathering this time. 😆

To be continue…

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