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I fell

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 15, 2007

Now, mummy is supposed to continue blogging for my birthday party cause daddy is still waiting for my “stunt”. However, mummy felt so bad today as she let me fell in the toilet and hit my head ( back part) badly. Even though there were no bruise, but I cry like there is no tomorrow for about 15 minutes. Already break record. It’s painful! 😥

Mummy nearly cry out loud too. She feels so sorry. As usual, mummy were bathing for me this afternoon and playing with me in the pale. However, I don’t feel like staying in the pale anymore after a while. Mummy feel strange. But, she never get me up. So… I got no choice, but for the first time I “poop” inside my “bath tub”.

So, mummy quickly get me out of the pale. And, she intend to wash my backside with the pipe water. Thus, she let me stand on my own while she is grabbing the pipe. End up I slip as I try to move my first step. Then, my head bang straight onto the floor. It’s like the sleeping position if you try to imagine. Straight away, I cried out loud!

Don’t you think mummy is too careless? Even though daddy did not scold mummy either. But, mummy feels terribly bad! :sad:

Warning: Never let your baby stands alone when the floor is wet!

  1. sharine Said,

    mummy just need to be extra careful… as a first time mum like myself too… i always careless as well. En En fell countless times from bed… from sofa… when she was learning to roll, sit, stand and walk. but think at the bright side as long as it’s not serious, this is the learning phase that our little one should go through. like the old saying “no pain no gain”! don’t blame and stress yourself too much… hehe… i’m just too optimistic…

    LOL! Looks like you are more happy go lucky than me!Thanks for consoling me too. 😆

  2. sharine Said,

    or maybe a clumsy mum? haha!!!

  3. slavemom Said,

    Gosh… that must hv hurt a lot… falling face up. I hope Lizzy and mummy hv learnt ur lessons. Lizzy – no more or walking on wet floors ok? And Mummy – hold on to Lizzy on wet surfaces, nvr leave her alone even for a few seconds. Anyway, don’t be too hard on urself. Accidents happen, the important thing is that we’ve learnt from it.

    Oh! we both has get through it. So, don’t worry! :)

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