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Please be healthy again before this Sunday

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 17, 2010

This holiday is supposed to be a great holiday to spent more time with mummy before mummy go to Spain next week. So, we went shopping just now. Mummy bought me my favorite Auntie Ann’s pretzel. Mmm…… Yummy! Then, I also brought one bottle of 1 Litre Twister orange to the cashier. 😉

This is great! Thus, I seems happy and agree to take medicine too when we reach home. Yeah…… I am sick since this morning. :(

Well, you just started to eat quite a lot of food recently. But still, it seems there is no hope for you to gain some weight anymore at this moment. As after being sick you will always be just as slim as you are on diet or taking diet pills. LOL!

Get well soon, baby. Please be healthy again before this Sunday. So that mummy don’t have to worry about you when I am away.

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