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Elizabeth actually hit herself

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2007

 Yesterday, there were visitors in our house. Lizzy become so excited when she saw a “koko” walk in with all the aunties. I found out that Lizzy is very friendly. She likes to mix with friends (kids, doesn’t matter big or small). She will still quite happy to be together with them even though some of they do not show friendliness. LOL! So pitiful! :(

She will welcome adults too. In fact, I think she considered very playful. :)

Look at them… This “koko” is actually her uncle cause he is my aunty’s ( my granduncle’s daughter) son. LOL! And, he is only 3 years plus,quiet big size, isn’t it? My Lizzy look so tiny when sitting beside him. hehe……

Also, I realized Lizzy started to be very protective over her toys. She actually grumble like what my dog did( this is the way she show her anger, cute right? :) ) when the “koko” took one of her toy and refused to share with her.  Wow… how come you are so fierce now? like little tiger now. ( of course, mummy is tigress!) But I am so happy because that show she certainly understand that’s hers! 😀

And, Elizabeth suddenly started to use most of the things on her hand to knock her own head once she grab it. Weird! can anybody tell me what’s going on?  I promised myself I must snap a photo on this scene and keep it here in the blog. So that I can show her how funny she is when she has grown up. Actually, she look quite cute when she behave like this. 😀

Anyway, Tomorrow is her 10th months. I will blog on her most recent development after her 9th months in the next post.

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