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Fever again

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 17, 2007

I am having fever since Saturday night. May it related to my fall or simply because I am teething. Thus, my body temperature raise. Anyway, mummy become so worried. But, I am getting really irritated with the process of testing temperature, taking medicine and swapping. Thus, I cried a lot today.

Mummy was thinking she is going to send me to the pead tomorrow to make a thorough check as my temperature is quite high this time . However, I seems get better now. So, hopefully mummy can get a good sleep tonight. And, I just don’t have to visit my pead by tomorrow. No more medicine for me please! And, I certainly don’t want to be hospitalized.

However, daddy’s flu is getting serious. He even dare not go near me tonight. Oh! Poor daddy, his flu started last night. And, hopefully he will get well tomorrow. So that we can play together again.  :)

  1. WS Said,

    get well soon…

    Oh! Thanks for dropping by and being so thoughtful. Hope to see you more often here. 😛

  2. anggie-jeremy Said,

    aiyoh… fever again ar …. get well soon..
    oh yah, u hv a great birthday party for lizzy.. i love the mushroom cake and the cup cake … very nice !!

    Thanks. Thanks. My fever is gone now. I am strong, don’t worry! 😆

  3. fannie Said,

    Get well soon pretty babe! Take care Healy!

    Fannie… I am so grateful for your concern all along. You are such a nice friend. I appreciate it so much. So touch, in fact. Lots of *Hugs* and *Kisses* 😛

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