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It’s Coxsackie

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 19, 2007

This time is not common fever. It’s Coxsackie ( hand, foot and mouth disease). I finally brought Lizzy to the hospital as her fever gone real high during Monday midnight. At that time, it’s 40 degree. I was nervous. I call my mum up and swap my girl together with her for about one hour after feed her with paracetamol.

Then, straight away to GMC tomorrow morning. However, before I get her to the hospital. I found out that my mum vomit for 2 times since early morning. OMG! Not another one. First was my girl, then her dad. And, here comes my mum! What am I going to do? 😥

I am quite panic actually. Luckily daddy decided to take one day off to stay with me and accompany me to the hospital. Anyway, my girl was not hospitalized. And, she seems to have better appetite after the injection of antibiotics. But, she still have to go for the 3rd injection tomorrow to finish the treatment. I am upset with her throat ulcer. But, she has been very sensible for the past few days. Not much crying. And, she still swallow all the medicines even though she showed a little bit of tantrum.

Her paediatrician stress that if her condition improves tomorrow, then she will be out of danger. So, let’s pray for the best. And, here is my mum’s condition.

  1. sharine Said,

    aiyo… poor girl hope she recover real soon. BTW, how she get Coxsackie? I thought she’s with mummy at home all the time and not attending any daycare center, right?
    Pray hard for your mum too… You also take good care of yourself ya… in order to take care of them.

    Yaloh. How come???? I wish I know why… I am shock too cause as you said, it is quite impossible for her to get coxsackie. Anyway,Thank you so much for your concern. We are all alright now. 😛

  2. slavemom Said,

    It’s extra worrisome when their fever hit 40 deg. I’m oso puzzled as to how she contracted Coxsackie. Did u ask her paed? But glad to hear every1’s alright now.

    Oh! I don’t think the paed knows why. Pead is not psychic. He is just good at diagnose and treat her sickness. 😆
    And, so far I am still happy with her pead as he did a good job. She is perfectly alright now… :)

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