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You know that’s not safe, don’t you?

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 1, 2010

Recently, you always like to lie down on the sofa and watch TV. I think that’s the process of growing up. You just started to get lazy, isn’t it? LOL! Sit up, baby! Sit up!

Alright, mummy!Wow! you really sit up. Good girl. But after a while……

How about that? You will always have new idea, don’t you?

Mummy:”Is that so fun?”

Liz:”Yes. It’s very fun.”

Mummy:”But, you know that’s not safe, don’t you?”

Liz:”It’s ok, mum.” :roll:

That’s challenging! But, don’t do that please, baby. Also, lying down while watching TV is going to destroy your vision. Wearing glasses is nothing like wearing the safety glasses too. You just can’t take it out and put it aside after you have finished your job. Once you are shortsighted, the glasses will have to follow you for life unless you want to take the risk to go for laser treatment.  :(

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