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Posted by Everyday Healy on December 21, 2007

I am sick for the past few days. So no mood to play. However, I start cruising around the house now. And, mummy is not going miss all the wonderful moments during my birthday party. I guess she busy with blogging again.

She is going to show you something I am good at now.

It’s Kissing. Since my birthday, I kiss my cousins, my grandma, my mum, my dad, my uncle and even “Pooh Pooh”. This new “Winne The Pooh” bag is my favorite birthday present. It’s from my “GuGu” — Uncle Bill. He seems know me well. I like it so much! Thus, I kiss and kiss… and kiss it non stop.

Also, this is the first gift he bought using his own hard earn money. He works for 3 days standing in the Shopping Mall as a sales representative before my birthday. And, this gift was bought with his salary. Mummy is proud of him.

These days I always kiss my teddy bears and “Patrick” the dog too. 😛

Besides, dad and mum enjoyed I kiss them good night. Anyone here want a kiss from little Elizabeth too? It’s never too far away as Elizabeth can send flying kisses now. 😉

  1. slavemom Said,

    She’s so cute with her passionate kisses to Pooh! Over n over again. 😀 *mmmuack!* Can Aunty get one flying kiss too?

    Okie… *Muaks…………….* A long long flying to you, Auntie.

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