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41th month

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 5, 2010

Little Elizabeth is getting really matured now. You might be a born sales expert, my dear. As you talk non stop. And, you make fantastic excuses and give good reasons. Your speech is always full of description too. Most importantly, you speak clearly now. Even though your sentence formation is not firm yet.

Your interest in reading is still firm. But, it’s the other way round for writing. May be you need more time to handle the pencil. Take your time then. We still have bed time stories. But now, you can also read on your own. And suddenly, you start to recognize a lot of words. That’s amazing!

However, when you have the story book on your hand, you tends to elaborate the story with your own words according to your understanding of the story. As there are still many words that you don’t know. That’s very cute!

Anyway, elaborating story by your own is definitely an amazing move. As if a large amount of universal life insurance quotes offer a no-lapse guarantee; Lots of reading, story telling and elaboration since young will at least secure you from getting lost while writing an essay in the future. :)

And, you are trying very hard to wear or take off your own clothes now. Mummy can see it. You are almost there, baby. Mummy is so proud of you. 😉

But, Mummy really don’t expect you to start quarreling with mummy at this age. LOL!

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