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The balloon can fly straight up to the sky

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 7, 2010

Your first time attending church wedding. So do mummy and daddy. Well, you enjoyed playing with the helium balloon which will fly straight up to the sky once you release it. of course, the rainbow colored paper party stripes is nice to play with too.  😛

Liz:”I want balloon!”Daddy:”Ok.” Daddy jump on a chair to get the balloon on hanging on the ceiling for you. Once, Twice and thrice.


Daddy:”You let go the balloon again?” 😯


Well, that’s a cheeky smiled.

I guess my little curious cutie just find it interesting to see the balloon flying high up to the sky and never drop back down. Ha! As these balloons never drop back down to the floor like those she always get it free from the counter displays at the mall or those we pumped or blew for her at home. Thus, she even let go the last balloon that she brought home to the sky immediately she reached home.Liz:”The balloon can fly straight to the sky.” Haha……

Mummy:”Why still so happy? You got no more balloon, you know?”

Liz:”It’s ok, mum. It’s ok.” :)

Cute! 😉

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