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My cat, Dog and Guinea pig

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 6, 2010

Yesterday, I was a good girl. Mummy was so excited to see me start drawing animals for the first time instead of just faces all the time.

I don’t like art class. I don’t really enjoy coloring. But, I like to draw. Somehow, I don’t know how. So, mummy gave me a thick file which shows step by step on how to draw a thing out.

Liz:”But mummy, can you draw for me or not?”

Mummy:”You can do it, baby. Be confidant. It’s so simple.”

So, I was kind of forced to draw myself. And…


How about that? I did it! I can draw a cat!


And, I manage to trace a dog and a guinea pig too. Mummy was really excited. :)

  1. Yew Said,

    I was impressed with your little princess’s development. Where did she take her art class? I have a little gir about her age and would like to enroll her for some art classess too.

    She attended art class when she was 2+. Somehow, she don’t really enjoy it that time. So, she stopped after 2 months. Thereafter, she only draw at home. What you see from above is what she learn from a book that I bought from MPH called “You can Draw”. 😛

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