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I am a sexy school girl

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 14, 2010


Wow! Sexy School Girl! So cute!  😉

Today, I enjoy playing pretend about going to school. It’s such fun! But, I don’t want to wake up so early and go to school every morning. I want to stay at home!

I cried again this morning.

Liz:”I don’t want to go to school.” *Woo…Woo……*

Mummy:”Oh, girl. Don’t cry anymore. You need to go to school everyday. That’s your work.”

Liz:”Today got no school, mummy.”

Mummy:”Oh, Liz. Quickly brush your teeth and get up to the car. You have been really naughty. I think you become Elizabeth lazy bone now.”

Liz:”I want to go walk walk.”

Mummy:”No more walk walk today. Cause you get up late and wasting all the time on crying and throwing tantrum. That’s it! Mummy won’t pampered you anymore. Mummy never really force you to do anything. But, schooling is the only thing you must do everyday. You already grown up. Stop crying. You must learn to follow certain rules and regulation now. Do things that you might not like, but you just need to do it willingly for your own good. ” *Mummy raised up my voice and starring at you at the same time*

Wow! She is truly angry this time. 😯 Better don’t challenge her. I kept very quiet and stopped crying. LOL!

  1. mnhl Said,

    LOL! Mummy angry tone and face works. It is just a phase. Last time, my son used to cry everyday too when I woke him up in the morning.

    But, I wondered how long does this phase last. :(

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