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I am giving birth

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 27, 2010

After absent for 3 weeks, mummy finally blogging again. I know I missed out a lot of great moments. Sorry baby. But, mummy just need a break because of internet connection, computer and camera problems that occurred all together.

😯 Yikes! What’s this? It’s kind of irritating! (Only if we are thinking in the wrong direction.)

Mummy:”What are you doing, baby?”

Liz:”I am giving birth. But why my baby cannot come out?”

Mummy:”Oh!” Hahahahahaha…… Interesting! I think I want to record this, can you please do it again, please?

So, little Elizabeth is just trying to experience the most precious moment of every mother — giving birth. Cute aye? Hahahahaha…… Like I always said. This curious little one is always full of surprises. 😉

Anyway, mummy just forgot how it started. But, Elizabeth just keep requesting for the videos about baby delivery and breast feeding in youtube once she get in touch with it few days ago. I think it’s kind of educational. So, mummy just say yes! :)

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