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May I squeeze your pimple, daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 8, 2010

Liz:”Daddy, you got pimple on your eye.”

Daddy:”Are you sure it’s pimple?”

Liz:”Yes!” Immediately , Elizabeth little fingers just reached out and trying to scratch the pimple.

Daddy:”Wow! Don’t! That’s painful!” Then, daddy continued……

Daddy:” When you want to squeeze the pimple on my face, you have to ask for my permission first.” (What? You mean as long as she ask for permission you will let her squeeze the pimple on your face? *Scratch my head*)

Immediately she asked……

Liz:”May I squeeze your pimple, daddy?”

Daddy:”No!” What? My little princess gets so angry with this answer. Of course! She is trying to be a good girl and ask for the permission, but still the answer is “no”. Then why ask? Wicked daddy! Elizabeth began to fight in rough manner. Wow! Better ask your daddy weather he has already bought the disability insurance? You just never give up, aren’t you, baby? But, it’s just a pimple! LOL! Hahahaha……

Eventually, daddy was struggling to get rid of her. This is a lesson for you, daddy. Be careful! Think twice next time before you say anything to your little princess. She just ain’t easy to handle any more. Hahahahaha……

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