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I can write today’s date

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 9, 2010

Recently, mummy leave me quite free at home. I gets more time on my own. So happy! 😉

But instead of doing lots of coloring and drawing, I prefer writing since this week. For instance, as I draw a man with glasses, I will try to spell the word of “grandfather” beside. Even though I can’t get the full spelling most of the time. But sometimes I can get half of the alphabets in the blend correct.  😛

Also, I will request for a big piece of paper and start writing on the floor for an hour sometimes. And, mum was so happy when I practise writing the date of the day. especially when I wrote it nicely like this. :)


Your writing skill has improved. Keep it up, baby! Mummy is so proud of you.

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