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It’s Coxsackie again

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 21, 2010

Today is the 3rd day of being sick.

On the 19th, which is Monday, My principle suddenly called at about 9pm. Then, mum said:”Oh Liz, tomorrow onwards till next Wednesday you got no school for 10 days. As some of your friends fall sick.”

Liz:”Hooray! Grandma, grandma, I got no school for 10 days, you know. 😉 ”

Gosh! :roll: What’s so excited? Sounds like you really hate schooling. LOL!

Anyway, I got fever 3 hours later since we received the call from my principle. That night, the fever was quite high. The next day, mum said my throat has read spots. Obviously, it’s the same as my other friends. It’s Coxsackie again. And, I just don’t feel like eating anymore even though I keep telling mummy my throat is not pain.  :(

Luckily, I can still drink quite a lot of water. Somehow, I am quite irritated and I was crying sometimes.

Mummy:”Oh baby, anything that you want? You want to lay down and rest? Or do you want water?

Liz:”No. I love you. And, I want you.” *Sob Sob*

Yeah… I just want daddy and mummy to keep staying beside me, carry me and take care of me.  :(

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