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I am breastfeeding

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 2, 2010

Guess what was she doing? Ladies and gentlemen……

Mummy:”What are you doing?”

Liz:” I am the mummy. And, this is my baby. I am breastfeeding now.”How about that? Hahahahahaha……

She even try to suck on mummy’s nipple every now and then recently. Kind of trying to imagine how she sucked breast milk when she was still a baby. Cute aye? Hahahahahaha……

She loves playing pretends. Moreover, she is quite interested in biology too. Especially human body. I guess if she knew there were first aid classes which taught people all the methods to save a person’s life, she will definitely be very excited about it. I can imagine how happy she is, if she get a chance to learn how to use the pulse oximeter, oxygen mask and bandages or antiseptic wipes. 😛

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