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No more crying while waking up to school

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 14, 2010

It’s Saturday again. A day that I can sleep as long as I want. 😉

During weekdays, I can’t wake up! I don’t want to wake up! Exactly! For the last few months, you have problem getting up early in the morning. And, you will throw tantrum and cry if the first thing came into your sight is your toothbrush. Eventually, you will struggle every time mummy try to carry you down the bed. *Panic*

Gosh! What an ugly sleep look aye? Why wear pants and night gown? See, this is the latest trick. 😉

Just get you to the sofa while your eyes is still close. Then let you take your milk first, then change pants or panty for you then put on mosquito repellent before you actually sit up like what we see in this picture. Lastly, wake you up and get you to brush teeth and change your dress or shirts. Just like “Ang Moh” style, only brush teeth after food. LOL!

As a result, no more struggling while mummy carry you down the bed. Happily brush your teeth and always on time to reach your school. *sigh*

You better love to go to school like now. As there are Online Colleges but not kindy, my dear. Hahahahahaha……

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