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First time dancing in the public

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 18, 2010

Mummy really need to mark this down even though there is no pictures for remembrance. Mummy was so regret I never brought along my camera that evening.

It was last Saturday’s evening. A day that I will never forget. There is a drawing contest and dance shows at the park nearby corresponding with earth day. It’s more like a kid event. Little Elizabeth wanted to draw and color too. Somehow, we were late. She was upset.

Later, she wanted to dance on the stage. But, she was not allowed to join the team as this is a performance from a school. Her unhappiness was all up on her face. Nearly cried. But, she was lucky. At the end of the performance, the MC finally invited all the children in the audience seats to go up to the stage to dance.

And, mummy was so proud when little Elizabeth raise her hand on her own. She was the first and the youngest to get up to the stage. Also, the first one to move and get loud cheering from the crowd once her favourite song — “Nobody” from Wonder girls started. She really dance beautifully like the wonder girls with no stage fright at all. 😛

I never knew you can be so good on the stage. This time, you really make me think that may be you are just born for it. I can never forget how gorgeous you are that evening. Wonderful! And, thanks for the great surprise. 😉

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