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Merdeka! I love Malaysia

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 1, 2010

I am glad Kak Sue drew these words for me. It’s “Merdeka! I love Malaysia”. Hehe…… So what’s up on Merdeka Day?

We had a wonderful dinner at this place again last night.

The chicken tender and the fries are always  my favourite. Mmm…… Yummy! 😛

By the way, I made my own chocolate too. But, I can only show you next time as this is just the first trail so mum never took any picture. LOL!Er…… Let’s see if there is more…… Yes! There is more.

I love these 2 new story books so much! I just keep on bagging mum to read for me. And, I am proud that I can also read by myself now. 😉

Liz:”Mummy, how many stories are there in these books?”

Mummy:”Only one story for each book. They are long story.”

Liz:”But, I also like a lot of stories in one book.”

Mummy:”Oh! So you don’t like these 2 books from Usborne?” 😯

Liz:”No. I like them so much.” :)

Yeah… At least you never complain their words are too small like Peter and Jane. LOL! Anyway, books are always better than toys for the moment, right little book worm? Hahahahahaha……

Somehow, I guess daddy just don’t mind to forgo a Phillippe Patek or IWC, just to buy you all the books that you wanted for a life time instead. As we really enjoyed your reading with such a sweet baby voice. Never thought that my baby will love books so much and start reading so well at such a young age. That’s a wonderful surprise! 😉

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