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I got Pimples

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 19, 2010

One fine night when little Elizabeth hop onto the bed and getting ready to read, suddenly she said:”Mummy I got pimples.”

Once my head was up, I saw her upset face. And she just keep touching both side of her cheeks.

Mummy:”Are you sure? Let me check first, ok?” (I know is impossible. :) )

Once I touched it, ah Ha! I feel like laugh out loud. It’s rashes! Hahahahaha……. But, I just smiled and said:”Don’t worry, honey. It’s just rashes. Mummy will apply soothing cream for you now and it will be gone by tomorrow morning, ok?” :)

Liz:”No! It’s pimples!” * Speak lauder and sternly with a cute frown. Hahahahaha……

Mummy:”Alright! Alright! I will get you the best acne treatment. Satisfied?”

Liz:”Mm!” 😛

But, it’s still the same old Buds Rescue Lotion that you are using that the time, my dear. Never mind. Whatever it is. As long as you are happy. Hahahahahahaha………….

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