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My little 3 years plus is always full of ideas

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 27, 2010

Liz:”Mum, I want to go camping.” Immediately I told mum while we were reading about camping from a story book. But, forest is too scary. Luckily, mum said we can build tent and camp in the garden. I like this idea. :)

And, you know I love cooking too. That’s my favourite pass time. I did it almost everyday. So, can we cook with fire while camping, mum? 😉

Er… That’s not appropriate in the garden, my dear. But nowadays, we have wood stove. Mummy really don’t mind to get one as food cook on fire woods always taste more yummy! 😛

Anyway, I suggested that we can make cake tomorrow about 20 minutes later. And, I was jumping for joy when mum said she will buy flour and make cake together with me tomorrow. 😉

My little 3 years plus is always full of ideas. LOL! May be we can simply make pancake for breakfast first before you go to school tomorrow. How about that, baby? Happy? Satisfied? 😛

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