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I build my own playground

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 1, 2010

When I am bored, I will watch cartoons, read books, dance at home. But, I want to go playground.

Liz:”I want to go playground, mum!”

Mum:”But honey, it’s time to go to bed.”

So, I sit aside with a grumpy face. After a while……

Liz:”I got an idea, mum!”

Look! I got my own playground now. Hooray! The one and only one in the world! Kakakakaka………

Wow! Mummy is kind of admire me cause this is creative. I am a genius! 😉

You always did that with sofa cushion. It’s amazing, honey! But watch out! I guess that’s the reason why even children needs insurance. Ha! Insurance! If I tell you this, I am a child that full of question will surely ask:” what is term life insurance? ” 😯

That’s challenging for mummy. But I am lucky! We got an expert at home. Just go to your dad. 😛

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