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I want my photo album

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2010

She told me she wants a photo album with her baby time photos in it. She wants to show them to her friends. She always want to see her baby photos in my computer recently. Out of a sudden, she becomes so interested in her baby’s photos. 😯

You really like babies now. Be it a toy or real baby or the baby pictures in the ads or baby thank you cards. And, mummy was so proud that you were so gentle to the real baby too. And, you seems learn to play with them. Should make a great “Jie Jie”. 😉

Somehow, mummy and daddy is not prepared to be father and mother again. Hahahahahaha…… Sorry, dear! :)

Anyway, I promised that I will print some of your photos out as soon as possible. (Mummy owe you this as mummy never print any photo of yours since you were born. So sorry again! :( ) And, I think making a photo album with our own two hands together will be more meaningful than just buy one, right? We should try it! This is our October assignment, ok? 😉

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