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I am 46 months old

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2010

It’s my 46th month today. I wondered mum already start planning my birthday party. Anyway, I told mum I want a birthday party in school. And, I want a Minnie or Daisy birthday cake. 😉

Anyway, guess what’s the thing I can do best now? It’s this.

Surprise? Yes! I can read quite well now. I can read many common simple words. I love to read story books and I can read them quite fluently. That makes me feel so proud. Thus, I started to do well in school. Ha!

Anyway, I read books in the afternoon and the time before I go to bed. I can read about 4 to 5 books in one shot now. Mum and dad was so happy to see me love books so much. Granny was surprised that I can even read words like “immediately” and “forbidden”. Hehe……

And, I always wanted to walk in whenever I saw a bookshop now. Thus, mum and dad just keep on buying books for me. Hooray! 😛

Really great job, honey! Mummy is glad that you finally build a strong base in English. Keep it up! But, I think it’s time to brush up your mandarin a bit too. Hehe……

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