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I don’t want to purge in school

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 13, 2010

I was such a good girl last week. Immediately brushed my teeth after I finished my milk early in the morning. I even said good morning to my teacher once I reached school. Somehow, I keep crying and don’t want to go to school this Monday morning.

Mum:”Why suddenly don’t want to go to school? What happen?”

Liz:” It’s because of the purge thing. I don’t want to purge in school.” :(

In fact, little Elizabeth don’t even like to “pooh” in school. Poor thing! It’s been 2 days she never drink milk at all. And, if you saw her body now, you sure think she must have found the best weight loss product in town. LOL!

Little Elizabeth had diarrhoea since she came back from the Birthday party on Sunday night. And, she purged 3 times in school on Monday. Very upset! Luckily the condition improved and she only purge once in school on Tuesday after she took “smecta”.

Yesterday, she even took “Char Seow Rice” for dinner. She insisted and enjoyed the meal so much. Luckily no purging after that. Only soft stool came out. So, she started taking milk again this morning. Mummy prays hard that she is not purging any more. But, mum still got to solve your coughing problem. Gosh!

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