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I was happier since I took lunch in school

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 22, 2010

Ever since little Elizabeth started to take lunch at school, she is so much happier while learning at school. Then, she started to excel in almost every subject. That’s what I found out from her teacher and principle. It’s true. Just compare the two worksheets pile and we can clearly see the difference.

The thinner pile is actually the work she did for the first 6 months in this year. It’s just about 20 over worksheets. But, she did about 80 over worksheets for the last 3 months. In calculation, her working speed increased about 8x faster recently if compared with the work from January to June. That’s amazing isn’t it? 😉

Suddenly, mummy realized that socializing is very important for my one and only one. I guess she becomes so much happier now as she gets to spend time eating, chit chatting and playing with her friends for 30 minutes more in school. This golden 30 minutes really make a vast difference, especially when she is not allow to talk and play in class any more since the beginning of the year once she started year 4 nursery.  😛

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