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Are you really that hungry?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 21, 2010

I learn to accept more types of food after I took lunch at school since August. I am drinking some Chinese herbs tea as dessert after I had my meal at school. I especially enjoy eating pasta at school. It will always be 2 bowls. That was since 2 to 3 weeks ago.

Then, I was almost taking 2 bowls for every meal in school now since this week. I will surely took 150ml of milk too once I get up to the car and leave the school everyday.

Obviously, my tummy will grow so big like it was going to burst any time after I had lunch. Guess what? Mum gets worried.

Mummy:”Don’t you feel is too full? Don’t you feel uncomfortable? Are you really that hungry?”

Liz:”Nope. I am fine.” :) (Gosh! In mummy’s mind, is every kids taking that much too? Or may be she needs appetite suppressants that work for kids now?)  :(

Mummy:”Why do you eat so much? Are you really that hungry? Or you just want to show that you are clever? But, over eating is not healthy. Thus, not a clever deed too.”

Liz:”I just want to grow taller.” 😉

OMG! :roll:

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