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I like Chicago Ribs

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 24, 2010

Mummy:”What you want to eat, girl?”

Liz:”I don’t know.”Daddy:”How about we eat “Char Kuay Teow” at the road side stall?”

My little princess remain silent.

Mummy:”You don’t like it? So you prefer to eat in a restaurant?”

Liz:”Er… I want to go to coffee shop.”

Mum:”Coffee shop or restaurant?”

Liz:”Restaurant better.” 😉

Ha! Kids nowadays really know how to enjoy life aye? :)

So, we went to Chicago Ribs at Gurney Plaza. One of little Elizabeth favourite eateries. She always enjoy the fries, chicken tenders and the cocktail drink called “Summer Breeze” so much. But this time, she even enjoy reading the short stories in the book that she brought along to Chicago Ribs while she was waiting for the food to be served. 😛


This is the first time she demand to read in a restaurant. Cute aye? That’s mummy’s little bookworm. Ha! She even look more lovely when she actually falls asleep on the restaurant’s booths immediately after she said she is full. LOL!

Kids are kids. They just sleep right away whenever they felt sleepy. Be it on the comfy bed or the restaurant booth or just the office furniture. They are all good. 😉

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