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Fruits is good for flu

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 6, 2007

Lizzy was having flu few days back. Runny nose. She just recovered a bout 2 weeks ago… Not again! I am so worried as she keep getting flu nowadays. But, I don’t feel like bringing her to the doctor. No more medication. That’s nothing much but drugs. I am going let her recovered on her own this time if she has no fever.

So, during a 2nd day, I don’t just sit down and wait but do nothing. I actually thought of giving her some orange as I recalled my MIL always mentioned to me that “fruits is good for flu” especially those with high Vitamin C. So, orange juice without sugar and ice at first. She don’t really like it anyway. She just took about 10 tea spoon I think.

So next, apple on the next day. This time I gave her the flesh and the juice together. I scoop them. Oh… She loves it! Then, papaya again at the same day. As usual, she loves papaya like nothing. She can finish half of those small size papaya which we call  “Hawaiian papaya” here.

Then, when she woke up in the 3rd day morning, the flu is gone completely. Waw… it works. ( her last flu took her about 7 to 8 days to recover, this is fast!) Fruits are amazing! Just  eat more fruits, Lizzy.More fruits…. 😀

  1. may Said,

    hooray for lizzy’s new blog! many congratulations, Little One! glad the flu didn’t last long. are you having a nice Sunday, Lizzy? *hugs*

  2. L B Said,

    This is actually a very pretty looking Blog!!! Congrats, everydaylizzy.com!!

  3. chinnee Said,

    Nice is a nice place, Healy. will add u to my blogroll soon :0

  4. Everyday Healy Said,

    Thanks. I got a very bad Sunday though. *sop* , *hug* *hug*

    Mmm… nice nice! Ahppy to hear that! I might be changing the theme though. :)

    thanks. adding you here too.

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