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Not today please

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 29, 2010

I don’t know how she got fever again. Could it be the tiny garlic toasts that I bought from the 100 yen shop?I just gave her some as a treat taking together with mushroom soup. And she loves it. So I kind of surrendered to her bagging and let her take a little bit more. But still it’s quite little.

Liz:”Fever, go away! Go way! Fever, go away!”

That’s what she told herself about half an hour ago before she close her eyes and fell into sweet dreams. Poor thing! She must be really disappointed. As how come she get fever the day before her concert again like last year. *Sob Sob*

Performing on the stage is what this little girl always long for since the first time she saw people performing on the stage. Kind of like an inborn thing. So sorry, girl! Mummy thought I am doing a great job as I already blocked you from taking KFC or McD recently. I even stopped this swim maniac from swimming for the whole week. :(

See… If you are talking about hot tub, mummy can still use the hot tub cover to hide it from the kids. But if it’s a swimming pool, I don’t think there is pool cover, right? :roll: 

Obviously, little Elizabeth just don’t mind to scarify all the fun just for her concert day. But still……

Mummy feels so bad. Guarding angel, please help little Elizabeth to wake up being healthy again in the next morning. So that she can fully enjoy the whole performance and Halloween party time. Also, dear Guarding Angel, please bless her with health for any of her important dates from now on.  :)

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