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How is my Concert Performance?

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 2, 2010

Archie loves apples. He thought they were sweet…… Wow! Loud and clear. What a sharp and sweet voice too. Good!

Elizabeth… Turn! Try to get the timing right. Turn! Hahahahahaha……

Sharp action. Really like a cat. And you seems having great fun too. Wonderful performance. 😛

Mummy supposed to post this up earlier. See how cute my little princess was! Oh! Mummy loves your performance, darling! 😛

Poor girl got bitten by one of her friend named Ryan while there were changing at the back stage with deep teeth mark on her hand before they stood on the stage to perform the Macarena dance. Yet, poor little princess got to dance all alone for the whole dance as her partner was late.  Somehow, you did it so well. You are the best, darling! 😉

Anyway, mummy was so glad that everything in the concert turned out great.

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