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It’s Halloween Party!

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 3, 2010

It’s my school concert on the 3oth. But, it’s also our Halloween party. I am so excited! Pretty aye? Of course! My skin is still smooth and silky. Ha! I just don’t need acne treatment to get the smooth and silky face like mum. Hehe……

And…… Let’s party! 😉

See… These two are my good friends, good classmates and my buddy! 😉 Friends forever! Cheers! Hahahahahaha……

And, mummy was so kind to make me a nice cool witch broom specially for me at home right before I departed to the party. Every of my friends love it! They just keep robbing my broom. I didn’t get hurt. A witch with powerful black magic can never get hurt. But the broom did. :(

Eventually the broom vanished and all my magic has gone too! Sorry… Grandma. *Sob Sob* Hahahahahahaha……

By the way, mummy’s girl was really cool. Mummy just couldn’t believe my eyes as they just straight away gave me such sweet and naughty posting once I said:” Come on! Both of you! Let’s take pictures together.” Unbelievable! 😉

Mummy really admires your social skills, little ones. Ichiban! Hahahahahahaha………

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