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I love Cycling at Gurney Walk

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 11, 2010


Last week, it was a great weekend. While daddy was enjoying his favourite Caramel Latte at the Gurney Walk Coffee Bean , I was happily cycling around the open space. In fact, everyone of us were so relax while happily embracing the cool wind. 😛

I tried skating. But it just did not drive me crazy. Ha! Then, I am cycling quite often now as I get my new bicycle since 3oth of October. I like this bicycle so much. Cause it’s big and pink! And, it moves so much smoother than the old one. 😉

So, will cycling becomes my favourite sports in the future? Or I shall join daddy and uncle ZY play basketball together? If that happens, I might demand for personalized basketballs. LOL! Anyway, it seems that nothing can beat swimming. Swimming is the only apple of my eyes now. Hahahahahaha……

By the way, I enjoyed Coffee Bean’s hot vanilla so much that day after I have sweat a lot.

Mm…… It’s yummy! 😉


Wow! I am so…… full! 😛


Excuse me. Now I need to go to toilet. Hahahahahahaha……

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