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My first time at Cinemax

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 25, 2010

It was last Friday to celebrate the beginning of school holiday. Ha! We went to Cinemax — The new 3D cinema in Island Plaza. It’s our first time there. And, look at this cheeky girl. She will has many cute expressions whenever she is happy. 😛

Anyway, we were watching “Legend of the Guardians”. The 3D effect is great. Thus, little Elizabeth is looking forward to watch “Rapunzel” and “Yogi Bear”. :)

But, something weird happened in the middle of the show.

Liz:”Mummy, I am so sleepy.” 😯

She actually took off the 3D glasses, close her eyes and rest for a while. Then when the movie get very exciting, she quickly open her eyes again.

Liz:”Mum, I want my glasses back.” LOL!

Well, mummy is pretty sure that watching 3D movies are definitely very tiring for the eyes. I guess that’s why this naive little girl thought that she was sleepy. As a matter of fact, her eyes just got tired. :)

Thinking back, she was just a baby. it seems that I was just busy comparing the comfortability and technology of bob revolution and Combi yesterday. But in fact, my little baby already grown up to be such a lovely little girl that even took up a seat in the cinema now.

4 years just gone with the wind in a glimpse of my eyes. Wow! Don’t worry, I still look great, isn’t it! Hahahahahaha………

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