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“Cooking” seriously

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 26, 2010


Alright! Guess what am I doing? Look so serious aye? Of course! I am busy cooking! Cooking or playing with the computer? Em…… Both! Cause it’s the cooking games. Hahahahahahaha…………

Frankly, mum had never seen her working so seriously while she was doing her homework. LOL!

Anyway, This little cheeky is always allowed to use any of the computer or laptop at home. Partly because she’s quite careful and never simply explore the unknown icons on the screen. We certainly can trust her on handling it even if the laptop warranty was over. Ha!

Also, mummy can always trust her for the time spend on the computer games. After a few times of warning from the beginning, she will leave the computer within an hour by herself now. She will also leave the computer earlier if mummy said so. Mummy’s good girl. I am so proud of you. 😛

Just like yesterday, this little princess didn’t even mention about computer games but was patiently doing the paper work given by mummy for more than an hour. Thus, she was rewarded with some cartoon watch later. Hehe……

In fact, mummy will make sure she had some fun after she do her work cause I want my girl to enjoy happiness not pressure. Also, Elizabeth was so glad that she get to prepare real food at school today as today’s program is cooking. 😉

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