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They went shopping, I enjoy reading

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 28, 2010

Yesterday, we did not go to Candyland as mummy promised. Somehow, it’s a great day. I enjoyed my chicken rice for lunch. And, I get to spend time with my “gong gong” during lunch hour. We ate together. :)

Liz:”I like my “gong gong”. He is the best grandfather in the whole world, you know?” 😉

Later, mummy and my 2 granny went shopping. While they were completely seduced by the beautiful womens boots, heels, blouses, dresses and accessories, me too enjoying myself reading at Popular book store together with “Ah Sue” at Sunway Carnival. Frankly, that’s a heaven for a little bookworm like me. Hehe……

Eventually, I insisted I want to buy this book.


It’s about a monster called Medusa whose hair are all snakes. And, she can turn whoever look into her eyes to stone. Interesting! I read it once when I first reached home. I am making it my bed time story now. I want to read it before I go dreaming. Ha!

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