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At Candyland

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 29, 2010


So this is what we did yesterday. Finally, I get to visit the Candyland and the new Straits Quay. Wow! What an enormous Christmas tree! What a nice fountain! What a great family day too! I like it! ūüėČ


I said I want to do colouring. At first, I enjoyed¬†colouring¬†at the Candyland so much. But after a while, I lost patient. Eventually, I didn’t even finished¬†colouring¬†half of the picture. :(


Just look at my face. I am sure you can clearly see that I also did not like the games at Candyland.

I just enjoyed walking around, exploring the square and enjoyed the windy and refreshing sea front environment together with daddy and mummy.  :)

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