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Anything Accept Coffee Shop

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 25, 2011


Once upon a time, you were so comfortable eating at hawker stalls. Somehow, this mummy’s girl don’t bite lips and lie on the chair with bare feet in the hawker stall like this. So, mum thought it’s time for some advise. Thanks God. Since then, it never happen again. :)

But not long ago, when we were out on the road, you said:”Go anywhere you like except coffee shop (Hawker stalls)”.

Mum:” Why not?”

Liz:”Cause it’s boring and dirty.” (Mummy admitted that hawker stalls can be very dirty at times.) :)

Ask you what you want to eat — mostly Japanese food. You love nice restaurants. So, Mummy kept nagging about there are also delicious food at hawker stalls.

Finally, you has no problem eating at hawker stalls any more cause you started to love their food.

What a relieve! As we are living in Penang — the hawker food heaven, it’s hard to live without those yum yum hawker food. LOL!

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