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I run, You walk

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 28, 2011

I was playing with mum just now. We had running competition. I was so glad as I was twice the winner. Somehow, I lost for the third round. But, I want to be the winner. So, I am thinking while we were walking to the starting point.

Liz:”Mum, how about I ran, you walk?”

Mum:”No… That’s cheating! I don’t want.”

Liz:”Alright! We both walk.”


So I won again cause I actually run a little bit. Ha! But, I lost again for the next round. No way!

Liz:”Mum, this time you run, I will cycle cause I like cycling.” :)

Mum:”This is not fair, baby. Both must do the same.”

Liz:”Ok. We walk then.”This time I was a bit slow. But, I will never give up. I quickly overtook mum by jumping to the finish line in the nick of time. Yeah! Yeah! I win! I win! Hahahahaha……

When I was a bit tired later on, I even move the starting point to the front a bit to cut short the distance, clever aye? :)

Mum was laughing the whole night and can’t stop telling dad how witty I am.

Hey, girl! That’s a form of creative thinking too. Quickly thinking can always help you to solve your problem or make you the winner. That’s good! Just make sure you don’t break the rules. Hahahahaha………

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