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Don’t walk. Run!

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 4, 2011

Last night, I fall down from my bicycle again. Looks like sooner the term life insurance rates might increase for those who always cycling too. LOL! Hahahahahaha………

By the way, my neck was hit by the handle of the bicycle. It turned so red and so pain! Thus, I cried out loud. Mummy and granny quickly ran to me. (Before that both of them were chit chatting)

Granny:”Are you ok, Liz?”

Mummy:”Where is the pain?”

Liz:”Here on my neck! Waaaaa……”

Mummy:”Oh…… Come! Mummy carry you.”

Liz:”I still want to cycle! Waaa…… But I want you and Mama to take care of me! Waaa…… I don’t want Ah Sue!”

Mummy:”Ok. Ok.”

Liz:”Ah Sue, I don’t want you! You didn’t take care of me! You walk so slowly behind. Run lah! Run!”

Mummy was laughing. As a matter of fact, she likes Kak Sue. Somehow, she made a smart move. She is right. Kak always walk so slow behind and can never walk faster or run a bit to follow closely while she was cycling.

That’s why she always fall when Kak Sue accompany her. Kak Sue’s lazy leg can hardly catch up whenever she was about to fall. LOL!

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