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Posted by Everyday Healy on February 1, 2008

I just can wait to see will my girl enjoy Chinese New Year? I always feel it’s a part of my responsibility to show and teach her about our Chinese cultures. And, what’s better than she can personally experience it on her own?

This coming Chinese New Year will be her first time to expose to the various types of “kuih” (biscuits and cakes) that specially made for CNY, “angpau” and dragon dance.

At the same time, She will learn that we actually visits our friends and family members during CNY to celebrate this big celebration together. That’s the reason why mummy do not plan for any Outer Banks vacation during CNY.

But, I almost forget about this…

Guess who is the one who brought this home? Of course it’s daddy! As you can see may be this is the reason why my girl is so boylish. Ha! Most of the time. she is like daughter like son to her daddy.

And, I certainly understand why daddy bought fireworks for her. As during our childhood time, fireworks and fire crackers are one of the main attraction during CNY. So, I am sure daddy wants to share the joy with his darling little princess. 😛

Of course, we will burn it and she can only watch it. This is not something she can handle on her own yet. But, I am concern will it cause serious pollution to our home? LOL! Why should I think so much. This is just a one year once occasion. :)

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