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I am 10 months old today

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 4, 2007

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I just have to wait for another 2 months time. That’s when I am turning to 1 year old. Ya Hoo! I just can’t wait to grow up bigger, 1 year old, 2 years old, 3 years old, 10 years old. Then, 20 years old. At that time, I am going to be like mummy! Dress up nicely, put on make up, wearing high heels and earrings! Waw… that’s great!

hahahaha…. I guess Lizzy is just not up to that yet. In fact, this was what always in my mind since I turn to 10. hehe…..

Now, Lizzy is still up to something. She can…

  • call “mama”, but that’s not me, is her grandma. ( my mum). So sad. :(
  • call “woo woo”, my brother when it’s in lower pitch. If it’s in higher pitch, that refers to dog. ( Yes! She certainly understand what is a dog now. In fact, she loves “woo woo”.) Ha! So my brother is a …. hehe… I am just kidding Bill, easy, k? hahahahaha
  • say “ca” means car.
  • say “ta ta ta ta ta” while beating someone.
  • And, the most obvious vocal would be “mum mum” means eat. LOL! So, “tam chaik”. (crave for food)
  • walk ( if there is something for her to hold on. If without any support, she will bend down within 2 steps. LOL! Come one girl, just be brave… I know you can do it!)
  • ran once she realized we are holding both of her hands and leading her.
  • swallow small slices of apples, grapes, papaya, cakes, mee hoon, noodles, taufu, bread. Basically anything that is not too hard.
  • wave bye bye

And, She also knows

  • everyone in the house
  • Barney ( She likes Barney show and She pratically know how to point to the cupboard where the DVD is. And, once she got it in her hand, she will instruct the one who carry her to put it in the DVD player by pointing to it too. And, she always insist to switch to her show whenever we play on the movie she dislike. Cute, isn’t it? But, a bit rude… ar… what I am suppose to do then?
  • how to point with only one finger.
  • how to choose her preferred direction while walking, split out the precise food that she don’t like, ( for instance, she will swallow the porridge and spit out the pumpkin when feed together.). In short, she has becoming more and more picky! LOL!
  • how to act superman! This is really cute! One day I will snap a pic and show you how she do it by raising her hand to reach her head which is she already place it in a slanting position.
  • what is nose, hair, pillow, swimming pool, milk, water, kiss, books… In fact, She can memorize the things she learn as soon as you teach her now. (So, another job for me now– teach her more things) :)
  • She certainly knows how to get close with people she loves now. Look at her , “manjanya…” LOL! (Anyway, this is not her grandma but her greatgrandma, ok?) I am glad they are close. :)

Her favorites,

  • Bread
  • fruits ( apples, grapes, papaya), She don’t really like Orange.
  • mee hoon
  • ice cream
  • chocolate
  • Yakult
  • corbonated drinks ( We tried her once. That’s it. Only Once. And she was shouting for it! Ha!)
  • anything that we are taking
  • her jacket
  • teddy bears
  • animals like birds, fish, dog, snail….. (I think she is an animal lover in nature.)
  • all types of remote control ( for the gate, car, Astro, TV, DVD player, air-con). And, she knows that she must direct it to the specific gadget if she want to use it. Then, she will keep pressing until she get to hear a sound from it or see the picture on the screen has change, she will laugh. So… proud! LOL! :)
  • books (certainly more interested than toys) , Surprise me actually. :)
  • rolling on my bed. keep smiling while rolling, so enjoyable ler… :)
  • “kai kai” — go out
  • “pom pom”– bathe ( she likes to splash water and she had learn squatting down whenever she refuse to get up from the tub.)

She hates shoes, hat, fish and vitamins. I guess that’s all. can’t recall anymore.

Anyway, she is still getting up in the middle of the night for milk. But, there is a good sign I seen within these few days. It seems that she don’t really keen on milk when she wake up now. Hopefully soon she will not need it anymore through the night. Sleep tight, baby! Sleep, tight! :)

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