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Bye Bye BM

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 20, 2007

Elizabeth has stop breast feeding completely since I was back from KL. Actually, I only feed her once on BM since her 3rd week of her 6th Month. And, she started taking formula milk from the beginning of her 6th month. I thought she’s allergic to cow’s milk? Yeah! Once upon time, she was allergic to cows milk. But, she seems alright now. No more allergy problem! I did found the right formula for her! Huray!

I’m truly ( may be it over?) concerned about her food once she was detected with allergy problem. Just as I mentioned in my previous post, she’s almost a fully organic baby. And,Why I’m so into organic food?

First of all, babies are not suppose to expose to too much chemicals. So, in this case, organic baby food has become my first choice. And, it so happened that during my 7th month of pregnancy, one famous local franchise organic shop — Just Life, suddenly open somewhere in my neighbourhood area. Yeah! Very near to my house. So, should I say, Elizabeth is just lucky? (Because her lazy mummy definitely won’t drive 30 minutes or 1 hour just to get her some carrots or pumkins.) :)

Other than fresh vegetables, right from her formula milk to her ready made baby food like fruits purees, and even her syrup are all organic. Most of these baby food are from Babynat. To me, Babynat is highly recommanded for all the babies , especially it’s formula milk. Elizabeth is taking it’s cow’s milk formula now. And, it does impressed me that Lizzy has no allergic reaction at all. She’s just fine, yet, she manage to poop everyday too. Why is it so good? I think most probably because, Babynat do mix it’s cow’s milk formula with substantial amount of vegetable oils. Thus, even baby that allergic to cow’s milk like Elizabeth is still safe to consume. By tasting this formula, you would certainly find out that it’s not that rich in cow’s milk. Yet, all the nutrients needed by babies is added. And, most importantly, Elizabeth do like it! :)
I am very happy to find a formula like this. Really!

For the fruit purees from Babynat, I found it very professional as it will clearly states in the label the percentage of certain fruit and where does this fruit come from. For instance, if it’s the “Apple and Blueberry”, under the Ingredients, it will states : Apples from Italy 80%, blueberries from Sweden 20%.

Why I don’t make the fruit puree my own from organic fruits. I did sometimes. But, only for avocado because it’s good for baby, yet, is not in the Babynat range. Otherwise, fresh organic fruits are very expensive. And, ask me if I prefer to get the ordinary fresh fruits (which were filled with many types of chemicals) to make my own purees, or rather get the ready made organic purees, I certainly prefer the ready made.

There is another concern on why ready made. I don’t like to process Elizabeth’s food using blender, to me, vitamin C would easily oxidize, yet, because of the heat, some other nutrients might have gone too. Thus, not much differences from the ready made. Yet now, the ready made is organic, certainly better than just homemade.

Haha…… I sounds like owning one organic shop, don’t I? Frankly, I am still looking forward for the organic poultry. But, I think I just can’t get it in Penang, at least for the moment. However, no doubt that organic is good, just it’s mostly over priced. Don’t you think so?

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