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I can take the lead

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 12, 2008

My girl did enjoy attending the wedding dinner. She will join the crowd and clap her hands together whenever she saw people clap their hands.

However, daddy had a hard time that night. Elizabeth wanted to drink from the cup, but she still can’t handle it well. Thus, the drink in her mouth will spill out. So, mummy has to stop her to avoid her white dress get stained. Of course she cried. As a result, daddy has to carry her away from the table and walk her around to stop her tears. :roll:

Anyway, I think Elizabeth enjoyed the most when she get a chance to run about outside the restaurant once the dinner end. It seems she was very friendly and quite independent. She can go near other kids on her own. In fact, she was the one who started running, bubbling and playing on her own. Then, all the “jie jie”, “ko ko” joined her. LOL! Not bad aye? At least she can take the lead! hahaha…….

But, please don’t run so fast, my dear… mummy just can’t take it anymore! :roll:

Oh! I better be careful. There is gap on the floor…

Er… you want to join me?

  1. Jacelyn Said,

    wow, i like Lizzy’s dress! It’s beautiful!

    Hey, Gong Xi Fa Chai ya…….
    Wishing you & family a prosperous CNY !

    Yeah… Gong Xi Fa Chai! “Hong Pau Na Lai!” hahaha…

  2. anggie Said,

    heh.. gong xi fat chai to u and ur lil lizzy … she look great with the white princess dress.

    Oh! I like this dress too. At least it helps to make her look exactly like a girl! hehe…

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