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My flowers

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 15, 2008

Yeah… other than Balloon, I like flowers the most! :)

And, by today I already know which is White Lilly, which is baby breath and which is berry… Mummy said, “That’s fantastic!” 😛

Anyway, this is my Valentine’s present from Daddy. But, mummy said it’s hers! So bad! It’s mine! hahaha… Mummy supposed to blog about this yesterday. But, mummy actually cut her finger yesterday. Thus, don’t feel like continue blogging after that.

However, mummy just won’t forget to shot a pic of the moment this cute little girl showing interest over this big bouquet which is almost taller than her! :) Like mother like daughter, Elizabeth really loves flowers. And I am sure she will asked for one too as soon as she can talk. So, may be daddy have to prepare 2 bouquet for next year if he still decided to buy flowers as Valentine’s gift! 😆

Somehow, I think if Elizabeth asked for flowers, daddy might easily buy a much much bigger one for her. Mummy knows exactly how much her dad pampered her! LOL!

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