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They went shopping, I enjoy reading

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Yesterday, we did not go to Candyland as mummy promised. Somehow, it’s a great day. I enjoyed my chicken rice for lunch. And, I get to spend time with my “gong gong” during lunch hour. We ate together. :)

Liz:”I like my “gong gong”. He is the best grandfather in the whole world, you know?” 😉

Later, mummy and my 2 granny went shopping. While they were completely seduced by the beautiful womens boots, heels, blouses, dresses and accessories, me too enjoying myself reading at Popular book store together with “Ah Sue” at Sunway Carnival. Frankly, that’s a heaven for a little bookworm like me. Hehe……

Eventually, I insisted I want to buy this book.


It’s about a monster called Medusa whose hair are all snakes. And, she can turn whoever look into her eyes to stone. Interesting! I read it once when I first reached home. I am making it my bed time story now. I want to read it before I go dreaming. Ha!


I made Steam Cake and Spider Treats

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You might thought I bought these cake and cookies from the bakery. As a matter of fact, I made the steam cake together with my friends in school yesterday. Also, teacher taught us to make “spider treats”. That’s the name of the biscuits.

We learn to spread jam or kaya, add stick cookies and chocolate chips to the cracker and decorate these crackers like spiders.

Thus, I am so proud to present it to my mummy and daddy. The steam cake for mum and the spider treats for dad. When I realized grandma sure ask for it, I quickly told her I will give her book as present. Hahahahaha……

Thanks to holiday program. It’s such fun! *Weee……*


“Cooking” seriously

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Alright! Guess what am I doing? Look so serious aye? Of course! I am busy cooking! Cooking or playing with the computer? Em…… Both! Cause it’s the cooking games. Hahahahahahaha…………

Frankly, mum had never seen her working so seriously while she was doing her homework. LOL!

Anyway, This little cheeky is always allowed to use any of the computer or laptop at home. Partly because she’s quite careful and never simply explore the unknown icons on the screen. We certainly can trust her on handling it even if the laptop warranty was over. Ha!

Also, mummy can always trust her for the time spend on the computer games. After a few times of warning from the beginning, she will leave the computer within an hour by herself now. She will also leave the computer earlier if mummy said so. Mummy’s good girl. I am so proud of you. 😛

Just like yesterday, this little princess didn’t even mention about computer games but was patiently doing the paper work given by mummy for more than an hour. Thus, she was rewarded with some cartoon watch later. Hehe……

In fact, mummy will make sure she had some fun after she do her work cause I want my girl to enjoy happiness not pressure. Also, Elizabeth was so glad that she get to prepare real food at school today as today’s program is cooking. 😉


My first Sand Art

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Yesterday was the first time I tried my hands on sand art. I guess I saw it before in the shopping mall. But since I am not so sure what is it, I never request to try.

Anyway, I was so excited when mummy brought it home. I like the coloured sand so much. They have so many colours like rainbow. So nice! I keep on pouring them on the “Chinese fairy”. And look, she look so gorgeous now. 😛

Anyway, mummy said we should took out the stickers part by part next time. And, she promised that she will let me try it in the shopping mall which I can just pour the sand on it and pour those extras back to the container. Since I do not enjoy dispersing the sand evenly on the picture with my fingers. LOL!


My first time at Cinemax

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It was last Friday to celebrate the beginning of school holiday. Ha! We went to Cinemax — The new 3D cinema in Island Plaza. It’s our first time there. And, look at this cheeky girl. She will has many cute expressions whenever she is happy. 😛

Anyway, we were watching “Legend of the Guardians”. The 3D effect is great. Thus, little Elizabeth is looking forward to watch “Rapunzel” and “Yogi Bear”. :)

But, something weird happened in the middle of the show.

Liz:”Mummy, I am so sleepy.” 😯

She actually took off the 3D glasses, close her eyes and rest for a while. Then when the movie get very exciting, she quickly open her eyes again.

Liz:”Mum, I want my glasses back.” LOL!

Well, mummy is pretty sure that watching 3D movies are definitely very tiring for the eyes. I guess that’s why this naive little girl thought that she was sleepy. As a matter of fact, her eyes just got tired. :)

Thinking back, she was just a baby. it seems that I was just busy comparing the comfortability and technology of bob revolution and Combi yesterday. But in fact, my little baby already grown up to be such a lovely little girl that even took up a seat in the cinema now.

4 years just gone with the wind in a glimpse of my eyes. Wow! Don’t worry, I still look great, isn’t it! Hahahahahaha………


I am going to Pyjamas Party

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Mummy just took a quick shot for me once I got into the school this morning. Surprise aye? Wearing pyjamas to school? Well, even all the teachers is wearing pyjamas too. Cause it’s a pyjamas party! Hahahahaha…………

Thus, Elizabeth was required to wear her favourite pyjamas and bring along a pillow or sleeping bag, tooth brush and tooth paste. Wow! That’s heavy, mum. Don’t worry, baby! Teacher can always give you a helping hand. Most importantly,  it’s going to be so much fun. 😉

What a fun holiday program! Mummy wish I can join too. How about mummy and granny wear pyjamas while picking you up later? LOL! 😛


I won a Medal

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Liz:”Mummy, I got something in my bag to show you. Taa… Daa… It’s a medal. I win! I win in the running competition!” 😉

Mummy:”Wow! That’s great! you got third place and who got 1st and 2nd place?”

Liz:” Sean Sean got first, Ivan got second, then I am third.” :)

Mummy:”Wow! You are the only girl who win the competition. My girl is so strong, aye?” 😛

Little Elizabeth enjoyed her first day holiday program at school so much this morning. She was so proud to show mummy her medal that she won in the running competition. Yes! It’s sure to be a great sports day for her. 😛

This year, I guess you really has grown up a little bit more. Asyou were looking forward for this interesting holiday program. You woke up with such an exciting mood this morning. And came back with surprise. It’s absolutely a great day. Not only for you but also for mum cause it’s Cyber Monday too. Hahahahahaha………

By the way, mummy just can’t wait for your description of being a pirates by tomorrow. 😉


I went up and down more than 10 times

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See… I can slide down from such a high slide all by myself now. It’s such fun! I love it! Love it! Love it! Thus, I went up and down for more than 10 times that day on the 31th of October when this Adventure Zone at Golden Sand Resort was celebrating children day.

Oh! Just in case you actually gain weight in near future, all mum got to do is just sending you to such a playground everyday. I am sure it will work as well as the extreme weight loss pills. 😛

And, that’s my girl! Brave like a musketeer now, aye? Ha! I am proud of you, honey!

By the way, at first I slide down with “kakak”. Then, she was shouting like she was haunted while we were sliding down. Gosh! That scared me. I said no more going to up to the slide. Not the height that scared me. But the horrible scream. I felt lucky when I was left alone to slide. Go away! You coward! Hahahahahaha………


I had a Great Holiday

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I was happily going to school this morning. As yesterday I had enjoyed a great holiday.


I was playing pretend, making stories with my paper castle, princess, step mother and carriage which is actually a 3D puzzle. Nowadays, I had so much fun playing pretend with dolls or animals. I just keep making stories about my princess, her stepmother, my brother or sister and my dog or bird. 😉

Liz:”See… I can control the handle well now, even if I let go one of my hand.”

Also, I am glad dad and mum kept their promise and took me cycling outside the Coffee Bean at Gurney Walk. Beautiful sea, cool breeze, green trees, and tasty vanilla milk. Wow! That’s my heaven! Hahahahaha…………

Anyway, I am also excited because of the new Hard Rock T shirt which mum bought from Spain. Finally, I am big enough to fit into it.  Ha! :)


It’s a Holiday

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Yesterday, you were such a good girl. You do a lot of “homework”. Even now, you are still reading in the study room. Bravo, honey! 😉

But, today is a holiday. Mummy has got a plan. I told daddy we are going to take you to cycle early in the morning. But look at the time now. It’s already 11 am. And, mum just woke up. Sorry, honey. May be in the evening? :)

May be we can swim in the evening. That’s your favourite! Or going to the beach? That’s what you have been suggesting lately. Well, all are great leisures. In fact, if mummy could swim, run on the beach and cycle together with you everyday, that will be the fastest way to burn fat. Ha!

So keep up with your interest on all these healthy sports. Good for your health and also your alertness. 😛


They are my friends

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Monday is always a grumpy day. As that’s the first day to school after 2 days of holiday. However, Tuesday will be a total change. Today, I am happily going to school again. 😛

In fact, almost everyday is a happy day for me. I am always singing, dancing, playing pretend and so on. Recently, I really had fun playing pretend!

It’s my greatest pleasure to have you all playing with me, my dear animal friends, my moon and my star. I am not alone any more. Such fun! 😉


Wizard of Oz

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This is the second stage play that you have been to. The first one is “Mama Mia”. Even though they don’t have any nice personalized tickets or something like personalized stadium cups  for us to keep as memory, but mummy remembered I still have its performance leaflets. Just not sure where is it now. Ha!

Daddy don’t look so happy aye? Know why? He told me he was starving cause mum and him never had their dinner before the show! Hehe…… 

During interval break, I have great performance down the stage too! Hahahahahaha……

As you can see… I love this musical drama so much. I can follow the story very well, keep asking what’s next or where’s so and so for every scene changes and was joining the crowd for the loud applause at the end. Hopping that those on the stage can see me clapping for them too. LOL!

Mum was kind of  proud that I’ve got her blood and genes that love musicals. Ha! Mummy will keep these nice tickets as memory too. 😉


They are my good friends

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Finally, I had fully recovered and went to school this morning. Today is a lucky day. As mummy finally prints some of my baby pictures out. They are so cute! I was happily imitating my tricky expressions in the pictures.

Mum had kept all the photos in a new photo album too. Everyone in the house enjoyed flipping it over and ever again, especially mummy and granny. May be I can show “Poh Poh” and “Gong Gong” tomorrow. 😉


These are some the pictures from my Halloween party. They are my classmates. And, I am glad my friend’s mum had send a few of our Halloween party pictures to me through email. Like them? I love them all. I love taking pictures with my good friends. 😉 What a coincidence! It must be a photo day for me. Hahahahahaha………

Mummy plan to create a handmade photo album together with you during school holiday. That’s our big project. Ha!


I love Cycling at Gurney Walk

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Last week, it was a great weekend. While daddy was enjoying his favourite Caramel Latte at the Gurney Walk Coffee Bean , I was happily cycling around the open space. In fact, everyone of us were so relax while happily embracing the cool wind. 😛

I tried skating. But it just did not drive me crazy. Ha! Then, I am cycling quite often now as I get my new bicycle since 3oth of October. I like this bicycle so much. Cause it’s big and pink! And, it moves so much smoother than the old one. 😉

So, will cycling becomes my favourite sports in the future? Or I shall join daddy and uncle ZY play basketball together? If that happens, I might demand for personalized basketballs. LOL! Anyway, it seems that nothing can beat swimming. Swimming is the only apple of my eyes now. Hahahahahaha……

By the way, I enjoyed Coffee Bean’s hot vanilla so much that day after I have sweat a lot.

Mm…… It’s yummy! 😉


Wow! I am so…… full! 😛


Excuse me. Now I need to go to toilet. Hahahahahahaha……


I am going to a play

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It’s the 2nd day little Elizabeth being absent in school. Fever again. :(

However, she finally learn to take medicine without screaming and sobbing. That’s something to celebrate! Cheers for my brave little girl! Ha! 😉

But, mum! I want to go picnic at school next Friday. I want to join my school’s fun holiday program too. Most importantly, I don’t want to miss “Wizard of Oz” on this coming Saturday. You know how much I love this story, don’t you? :(


At first, we bought this book last weekend. And, little Elizabeth was fascinated over this book. She just keep reading it over and over again. (I guess most of the new books was like her new found treasure. Ha!) Then coincidently, there is a play of “Wizard of Oz” in this coming weekend by Sri Pelita students at USM Dewan Budaya, this would be a great experience for little Elizabeth to learn how these students turn a story from the book to a real stage play. So mum bought this home in this afternoon.


The ticket to the drama — “Wizard of Oz”. Elizabeth just kept checking the tickets. She looked really excited! May her guarding angel bless her and make it all happen as her wish. :)


It’s Halloween Party!

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It’s my school concert on the 3oth. But, it’s also our Halloween party. I am so excited! Pretty aye? Of course! My skin is still smooth and silky. Ha! I just don’t need acne treatment to get the smooth and silky face like mum. Hehe……

And…… Let’s party! 😉

See… These two are my good friends, good classmates and my buddy! 😉 Friends forever! Cheers! Hahahahahaha……

And, mummy was so kind to make me a nice cool witch broom specially for me at home right before I departed to the party. Every of my friends love it! They just keep robbing my broom. I didn’t get hurt. A witch with powerful black magic can never get hurt. But the broom did. :(

Eventually the broom vanished and all my magic has gone too! Sorry… Grandma. *Sob Sob* Hahahahahahaha……

By the way, mummy’s girl was really cool. Mummy just couldn’t believe my eyes as they just straight away gave me such sweet and naughty posting once I said:” Come on! Both of you! Let’s take pictures together.” Unbelievable! 😉

Mummy really admires your social skills, little ones. Ichiban! Hahahahahahaha………


How is my Concert Performance?

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Archie loves apples. He thought they were sweet…… Wow! Loud and clear. What a sharp and sweet voice too. Good!

Elizabeth… Turn! Try to get the timing right. Turn! Hahahahahaha……

Sharp action. Really like a cat. And you seems having great fun too. Wonderful performance. 😛

Mummy supposed to post this up earlier. See how cute my little princess was! Oh! Mummy loves your performance, darling! 😛

Poor girl got bitten by one of her friend named Ryan while there were changing at the back stage with deep teeth mark on her hand before they stood on the stage to perform the Macarena dance. Yet, poor little princess got to dance all alone for the whole dance as her partner was late.  Somehow, you did it so well. You are the best, darling! 😉

Anyway, mummy was so glad that everything in the concert turned out great.


Not today please

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I don’t know how she got fever again. Could it be the tiny garlic toasts that I bought from the 100 yen shop?I just gave her some as a treat taking together with mushroom soup. And she loves it. So I kind of surrendered to her bagging and let her take a little bit more. But still it’s quite little.

Liz:”Fever, go away! Go way! Fever, go away!”

That’s what she told herself about half an hour ago before she close her eyes and fell into sweet dreams. Poor thing! She must be really disappointed. As how come she get fever the day before her concert again like last year. *Sob Sob*

Performing on the stage is what this little girl always long for since the first time she saw people performing on the stage. Kind of like an inborn thing. So sorry, girl! Mummy thought I am doing a great job as I already blocked you from taking KFC or McD recently. I even stopped this swim maniac from swimming for the whole week. :(

See… If you are talking about hot tub, mummy can still use the hot tub cover to hide it from the kids. But if it’s a swimming pool, I don’t think there is pool cover, right? :roll: 

Obviously, little Elizabeth just don’t mind to scarify all the fun just for her concert day. But still……

Mummy feels so bad. Guarding angel, please help little Elizabeth to wake up being healthy again in the next morning. So that she can fully enjoy the whole performance and Halloween party time. Also, dear Guarding Angel, please bless her with health for any of her important dates from now on.  :)


I finally learn to keep an eye on my work

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This is what happened on Monday night. I was watching Barbie cartoon in youtube. Then, mum came over and said something.

Mummy:”Liz, I will put your work on the table. Please come and check it out and do it by yourself once you finish your cartoon, ok?”

I heard that. But, I made no response, but just continue watching. Also, mum just step out of the room. Then, I just walked to my table and started doing my grammar and vocabulary work once I finished the cartoon. That was a great surprise for my dear mum.She was so happy that I finally learn to keep an eye on my work even though I was still talking, skipping or moving around after every single word I wrote. Ha!

Then, dad said:”You should learn to trust your daughter.” 😛

Yeah… May be I might just turn to be so quiet or even decided to pick up a accounting finance jobs. Anything is possible aye? 😉


My favourite computer games

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I am sure you can see what am I doing. Do you enjoy playing computer games like me? I did it almost every afternoon. Somehow, I have my limits. I will mostly call off after about 1 hour. In mum’s opinion, may be my eyes get tired.  😛

I like cooking games. I learn to click all the listed ingredients in pictures to make a dish. Sometimes, I lose as I can’t fulfil the target earning in the given time.  But, I will be cheering loudly if I get to next level. Yippee! 😉

Besides, I love dressing up the dolls with the beautiful clothes and accessories given in the dress up games.


How is my performance before rehearsal?

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 Liz:”Mum, I want my hair pin. I want to look pretty today.”

Today is a big day. I woke up so early in the morning, drink my milk and brush my teeth very quickly. Then, I get myself changed and make sure I look pretty. Oh mum! I am ready to the concert rehearsal now. 😉

I was so excited since yesterday night. I love rehearsal. I love every chance of performing on the stage. Thus, I was busy practising my short story and the group friendship song last night. Look!

So how was that? Is it a great performance? Am I look cute? How is my smile? Sweet? Am I look fat? Oh mum! I need your best weight loss supplement now! Hahahahahahahahahaha………

See… these questions might just pop up from next year onwards. Mummy can foresees that. As I know my girl. She’s a real vain pot. Ha!

Anyway, mummy is truly glad that you are so into it. That’s a sense of responsibility and the beginning of maturity. 😛


But someone’s car is in front of you

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While we were on our way home from little Elizabeth’s school this afternoon……

Liz:”Mum, I want milk milk!” *Sob Sob*

Granny:”Ok. Ok. I am racing fast back to our house now. Drink at home, ok?”

Liz:”Weyn………” *Crying loud*

Granny:”Don’t cry. Don’t cry. The car is going very fast. Vroom… Vroom… It’s like Formula 1 now. See! You are going to win already. Oh… Yes! I am the winner!”

Little Elizabeth suddenly stop crying and replied:”But, someone’s car is in front of you, you know?” :roll:

Yeah… Obviously, you are not the winner, granny. Hahahahahahaha……. I think granny just need more than that to fool her. Hahahahahaha…………


I like Chicago Ribs

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Mummy:”What you want to eat, girl?”

Liz:”I don’t know.”Daddy:”How about we eat “Char Kuay Teow” at the road side stall?”

My little princess remain silent.

Mummy:”You don’t like it? So you prefer to eat in a restaurant?”

Liz:”Er… I want to go to coffee shop.”

Mum:”Coffee shop or restaurant?”

Liz:”Restaurant better.” 😉

Ha! Kids nowadays really know how to enjoy life aye? :)

So, we went to Chicago Ribs at Gurney Plaza. One of little Elizabeth favourite eateries. She always enjoy the fries, chicken tenders and the cocktail drink called “Summer Breeze” so much. But this time, she even enjoy reading the short stories in the book that she brought along to Chicago Ribs while she was waiting for the food to be served. 😛


This is the first time she demand to read in a restaurant. Cute aye? That’s mummy’s little bookworm. Ha! She even look more lovely when she actually falls asleep on the restaurant’s booths immediately after she said she is full. LOL!

Kids are kids. They just sleep right away whenever they felt sleepy. Be it on the comfy bed or the restaurant booth or just the office furniture. They are all good. 😉


I enjoy participating in my School Science Fair

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Mummy:”Today is Saturday. You don’t have to go to school.”

Liz:”Hooray!” 😛

That’s her usual response when she realized that she don’t have to go to school. Ha!

But sometimes, it’s kind of boring at home too when mum and dad can’t really figure out where to go on the wonderful Saturday. How mum wish there are lots of educational activities like this being organized during weekends.

Anyway, this is something memorable as it’s the first time you join your school science fair in August together with mummy and daddy. And, you were so happy when mum and dad are both around to join you in school activities. Thus, you happily participate in most of the activities too. 😛

Sorry for the late posting. At least mum did not miss it, right? :)


Nobody nobody but you

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First of all, I was wearing one of my favourite dress that day. It was new to me. As mummy thought it was too big. So just keep it till now since she brought home from Spain in the beginning of the year.

Anyway, as you can see…… I was kind of proud to flip around the dress. Ha! I love to dance with pretty dresses. And, dancing might just be one of the fat burning exercises for most ladies. Somehow, it’s my hobby, my passion, my pride and my life.

I dance almost everyday or any moment I bump into music. Everybody around me knows that. 😛

And, thanks to my music teacher for playing this song to let me dance. I can never stand still whenever I heard this “Nobody”. I will be moving my shoulder up and down and shaking my butt left and right too if it’s “Lady Gaga”.  Hahahahahahaha……