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Isabelle is in Penang

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 20, 2011

Thanks to Amy “Ku Ku” for giving me this fantastic make up set. I like it so much cause it’s Hello Kitty, my favourite! 😉

I enjoyed myself so much playing with Isabella and Justin when they came back to Penang 2 weeks ago. This time, we sing and dance together, playing with toys and forming band at home, playing at McD playground together, walking side by side and holding hands with Isabelle too.

Let’s rock and roll!

I showed Justin my leaves collection. :)

Isn’t that cool? That’s whole lots of fun! 😛


Don’t walk. Run!

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 4, 2011

Last night, I fall down from my bicycle again. Looks like sooner the term life insurance rates might increase for those who always cycling too. LOL! Hahahahahaha………

By the way, my neck was hit by the handle of the bicycle. It turned so red and so pain! Thus, I cried out loud. Mummy and granny quickly ran to me. (Before that both of them were chit chatting)

Granny:”Are you ok, Liz?”

Mummy:”Where is the pain?”

Liz:”Here on my neck! Waaaaa……”

Mummy:”Oh…… Come! Mummy carry you.”

Liz:”I still want to cycle! Waaa…… But I want you and Mama to take care of me! Waaa…… I don’t want Ah Sue!”

Mummy:”Ok. Ok.”

Liz:”Ah Sue, I don’t want you! You didn’t take care of me! You walk so slowly behind. Run lah! Run!”

Mummy was laughing. As a matter of fact, she likes Kak Sue. Somehow, she made a smart move. She is right. Kak always walk so slow behind and can never walk faster or run a bit to follow closely while she was cycling.

That’s why she always fall when Kak Sue accompany her. Kak Sue’s lazy leg can hardly catch up whenever she was about to fall. LOL!


They went shopping, I enjoy reading

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 28, 2010

Yesterday, we did not go to Candyland as mummy promised. Somehow, it’s a great day. I enjoyed my chicken rice for lunch. And, I get to spend time with my “gong gong” during lunch hour. We ate together. :)

Liz:”I like my “gong gong”. He is the best grandfather in the whole world, you know?” 😉

Later, mummy and my 2 granny went shopping. While they were completely seduced by the beautiful womens boots, heels, blouses, dresses and accessories, me too enjoying myself reading at Popular book store together with “Ah Sue” at Sunway Carnival. Frankly, that’s a heaven for a little bookworm like me. Hehe……

Eventually, I insisted I want to buy this book.


It’s about a monster called Medusa whose hair are all snakes. And, she can turn whoever look into her eyes to stone. Interesting! I read it once when I first reached home. I am making it my bed time story now. I want to read it before I go dreaming. Ha!


My first time at Cinemax

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 25, 2010

It was last Friday to celebrate the beginning of school holiday. Ha! We went to Cinemax — The new 3D cinema in Island Plaza. It’s our first time there. And, look at this cheeky girl. She will has many cute expressions whenever she is happy. 😛

Anyway, we were watching “Legend of the Guardians”. The 3D effect is great. Thus, little Elizabeth is looking forward to watch “Rapunzel” and “Yogi Bear”. :)

But, something weird happened in the middle of the show.

Liz:”Mummy, I am so sleepy.” 😯

She actually took off the 3D glasses, close her eyes and rest for a while. Then when the movie get very exciting, she quickly open her eyes again.

Liz:”Mum, I want my glasses back.” LOL!

Well, mummy is pretty sure that watching 3D movies are definitely very tiring for the eyes. I guess that’s why this naive little girl thought that she was sleepy. As a matter of fact, her eyes just got tired. :)

Thinking back, she was just a baby. it seems that I was just busy comparing the comfortability and technology of bob revolution and Combi yesterday. But in fact, my little baby already grown up to be such a lovely little girl that even took up a seat in the cinema now.

4 years just gone with the wind in a glimpse of my eyes. Wow! Don’t worry, I still look great, isn’t it! Hahahahahaha………


I like Chicago Ribs

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 24, 2010

Mummy:”What you want to eat, girl?”

Liz:”I don’t know.”Daddy:”How about we eat “Char Kuay Teow” at the road side stall?”

My little princess remain silent.

Mummy:”You don’t like it? So you prefer to eat in a restaurant?”

Liz:”Er… I want to go to coffee shop.”

Mum:”Coffee shop or restaurant?”

Liz:”Restaurant better.” 😉

Ha! Kids nowadays really know how to enjoy life aye? :)

So, we went to Chicago Ribs at Gurney Plaza. One of little Elizabeth favourite eateries. She always enjoy the fries, chicken tenders and the cocktail drink called “Summer Breeze” so much. But this time, she even enjoy reading the short stories in the book that she brought along to Chicago Ribs while she was waiting for the food to be served. 😛


This is the first time she demand to read in a restaurant. Cute aye? That’s mummy’s little bookworm. Ha! She even look more lovely when she actually falls asleep on the restaurant’s booths immediately after she said she is full. LOL!

Kids are kids. They just sleep right away whenever they felt sleepy. Be it on the comfy bed or the restaurant booth or just the office furniture. They are all good. 😉


Please cut my hair

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 5, 2010

No drawing were brought home yesterday. May be not yet completed. Again, this little cheeky fell asleep as soon as she got up the car. Mummy realized it’s kind of tiring for her to stay at school until 4 pm. Also, she will cry that she don’t want to go to school on Monday morning once mummy mentioned about she is having art class that day. :(

Anyway, she looked so down for the whole evening ever since she came back. Eventually, she kept bagging granny to cut her hair. 😯

Mum:”Why you want to cut hair?”

Liz:”Cause cut hair is fun.” :)

Mum:”So, cutting hair is just to get some fun, is it?”

Liz:”Yes! It’s fun!”

So be it! Granny just cut a little bit to make you happy.Hahahahaha……

Don’t worry, baby. We can stop the art class after this October if you really don’t like it. And, if you are expecting a fun break, holiday is just around the corner. Mum will make sure you can enjoy something as fun as the Branson vacation packages.

In fact, you will have fun this month. Cause this weekend is Ashlyn’s birthday and your concert or the Halloween party is already set at the 30th. Interesting aye? 😉


I want my photo album

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2010

She told me she wants a photo album with her baby time photos in it. She wants to show them to her friends. She always want to see her baby photos in my computer recently. Out of a sudden, she becomes so interested in her baby’s photos. 😯

You really like babies now. Be it a toy or real baby or the baby pictures in the ads or baby thank you cards. And, mummy was so proud that you were so gentle to the real baby too. And, you seems learn to play with them. Should make a great “Jie Jie”. 😉

Somehow, mummy and daddy is not prepared to be father and mother again. Hahahahahaha…… Sorry, dear! :)

Anyway, I promised that I will print some of your photos out as soon as possible. (Mummy owe you this as mummy never print any photo of yours since you were born. So sorry again! :( ) And, I think making a photo album with our own two hands together will be more meaningful than just buy one, right? We should try it! This is our October assignment, ok? 😉


Need to be Jeans and Plain white Shirts

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 2, 2010

Concert is coming. Hooray! Little Elizabeth always loves concert as she can dance and sing on the stage on this special occasion. This year, she get to dance with a partner for the song “Macarena”. She also tell a short story individually and sing a song together with all her friends. :)

It’s on the 30th of October. Thus, all of the kids were busy practising at school. Now, teacher already informed mummy that you need to wear jeans and white shirts. You don’t really like jeans, may be because they are never as comfortable as  apple bottoms. LOL! But after some tough persuasion, you chose this in the end.

Don’t you think it’s too boylish, honey? Mummy just got to make a more persuasive excuse to get to wear something nice in the wardrobe cause daddy insisted. Change! Hahahahaaha…….

Now you know why little Elizabeth is such a vain pot. She just got that genes. 😉


I am on Parade

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 3, 2010

I went to the Hindu temple which granny and mum prayed there for years last Saturday. It’s a yearly occasion where the devotees have to walk along with a few nice chariots that pushed by nicely decorated cows. It’s like a mini parade.

It’s really something new and enjoyable as this is the first time I wear Indian costume (Only the skirt as the bareback top is too loose). It’s also the first time I sat on the chariot together with other kids throughout the parade. The big cow is just right in front of me. I even saw it “wee wee” and “pooh pooh” on the road. Ha! Interesting!

So, mummy started shooting for remembrance. But, her Olympus was not with her. She was forced to use her Nokia. Kind of dark and blur. Still look blurred after a few shots. :roll:

Luckily, photobucket came to the rescue with its edit function. Well, please don’t forget to bring your Olympus out anymore, mum. May be you should even consider buying the Canon camera. I mean the EOS. That’s cool! I can definitely look nicer in the picture. Hahahahahahaha……


Merdeka! I love Malaysia

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 1, 2010

I am glad Kak Sue drew these words for me. It’s “Merdeka! I love Malaysia”. Hehe…… So what’s up on Merdeka Day?

We had a wonderful dinner at this place again last night.

The chicken tender and the fries are always  my favourite. Mmm…… Yummy! 😛

By the way, I made my own chocolate too. But, I can only show you next time as this is just the first trail so mum never took any picture. LOL!Er…… Let’s see if there is more…… Yes! There is more.

I love these 2 new story books so much! I just keep on bagging mum to read for me. And, I am proud that I can also read by myself now. 😉

Liz:”Mummy, how many stories are there in these books?”

Mummy:”Only one story for each book. They are long story.”

Liz:”But, I also like a lot of stories in one book.”

Mummy:”Oh! So you don’t like these 2 books from Usborne?” 😯

Liz:”No. I like them so much.” :)

Yeah… At least you never complain their words are too small like Peter and Jane. LOL! Anyway, books are always better than toys for the moment, right little book worm? Hahahahahaha……

Somehow, I guess daddy just don’t mind to forgo a Phillippe Patek or IWC, just to buy you all the books that you wanted for a life time instead. As we really enjoyed your reading with such a sweet baby voice. Never thought that my baby will love books so much and start reading so well at such a young age. That’s a wonderful surprise! 😉


Get back to School again

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 13, 2010

I was kicking, crying and shouting every now and then last night. I never had a quite and sound sleep ever since I got sick, I just keep on having bad dreams.Then, I woke up with a bad mood too.

Liz:”I don’t want to go to school. I want to go “Kai Kai” ( go shopping or outing).” LOL!

It took mummy about 20 minutes to keep on explaining to me why I got to go to school. But, I just couldn’t be bothered. Eventually, I was being threaten. No TV, no playground, no shopping, no toys, if I am not going to school. Not again! But, it worked. Immediately I open my hands wide and big to let mummy carry me down from the bed.

Liz:”But, I want to go walk walk.”


Then I also asked for vinegar with honey drinks ( More honey, less vinegar mix with a cup full of water. Natural  fatburners. Ha! I just love the sweet and sour taste. It’s simply irresistible! *Slurp*) and “kaya” bread before I brush my teeth.

So I get all I asked for including get out from the gate and walk along the roadside for 10 minutes before I get into the car.As usual, the walking made me feel so happy. Want some “kaya” bread? Mmm…… It’s yummy! 😉


Finally, I recovered and get back to school again.


Such fun to be absent from school

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 10, 2010

Liz:”Such nice flowers. I like yellow flowers. I want to tie them on my hair.” LOL!

I woke up early in the morning. Sitting right in front of the TV for a few cartoon shows. Then, “Kak Sue” take me to the garden to pluck some yellow flowers. Later, I took some porridge with my favourite soya sauce.

Then, I enjoyed “story linking” with mummy in the afternoon and “Kak Sue” teach me how to make a nice handbag before I went to bed for my afternoon nap.


Liz:”I like my new handbag so much! :)  But always broken one.” (The handle always drop out) Hahahahahaha……

See, it’s such fun to be absent from school! :wink:By the way, I am getting better now. No more fever and need less tissues to clean my nose.


It’s difficult to suck

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 21, 2010


She was so happy when she received it from mummy yesterday morning. She said she must bring it to school and show her teacher. Great! Cause she loves it!

But when mummy fetched her home after school, teacher told me that it might be too difficult for her to open and suck the water from it. So, she actually asked teacher to take off the whole cap. Then, she will drink it like what she did for the mineral water bottles.

And, you said it was difficult to suck too. Mm! And look what’s written on the bottle. Who wants to be a crazy girl anyway! Hahahahahaha……

Looks like you actually prefer light weight plastic custom water bottles with screw top. Alright! Mummy knows what to do. Give me about a week time, ok? :)


Please be healthy again before this Sunday

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 17, 2010

This holiday is supposed to be a great holiday to spent more time with mummy before mummy go to Spain next week. So, we went shopping just now. Mummy bought me my favorite Auntie Ann’s pretzel. Mmm…… Yummy! Then, I also brought one bottle of 1 Litre Twister orange to the cashier. 😉

This is great! Thus, I seems happy and agree to take medicine too when we reach home. Yeah…… I am sick since this morning. :(

Well, you just started to eat quite a lot of food recently. But still, it seems there is no hope for you to gain some weight anymore at this moment. As after being sick you will always be just as slim as you are on diet or taking diet pills. LOL!

Get well soon, baby. Please be healthy again before this Sunday. So that mummy don’t have to worry about you when I am away.


I got so many “Ang Pau”

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year is great! I have “gong gong & poh poh”,”Si Yee Poh”, so many uncles, aunties and “ko ko”, “jie jie” in my house. I love to play with them. And, I get to sleep so late. Also, I have 3 “ah Choh”, you know? Then, I got so… many Ang Pau with so much money in it. Hahahahahaha……

Also, I have daddy and “gong gong” to bathe for me almost everyday. I quickly bathe every morning once I woke up. As I enjoyed wearing all the beautiful new clothes. 😉

Besides, I get to try lots of cookies which I never tried before. Initially, Mummy was kind of worried as I ate so much groundnuts, chocolates, cookies and sweet beverages. Eventually, mummy felt so relieved as I still “pooh pooh”consistently even without taking colon cleansing products. God Bless! It’s such a happy new year. 😛


I am “handsome” now

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 12, 2010

Today is a special day. It’s our family hair cutting day I guess. As “Ma Ma”, “Gu Gu” and I, we all went to the salon to cut our hair.

When we first enter the salon, an uncle came by. “No! I don’t want to cut my hair.”

Mummy:” Why not? I thought you told me you want to cut the hair in front shorter?”


Mummy:” It’s fun, baby. See… “Gu Gu”is enjoying the hair cut. So nice, isn’t it?”


Later as “Ma Ma” start cutting her hair…

Liz:” I want to see “Ma Ma” cut hair.

Then, an auntie came along this time. And, I said:” Yes!”

Yike! Is this going to be ok, mummy?

Yeah! Very relaxing……

Excuse me! I am not sad or sleepy. I just can’t open my eyes big as the air blowing on my head. But, I like it. :)

 So this is my new look!


Mummy:” Wow! So nice!”

Liz:” Mummy, I am handsome now.”

Mummy:” Er… You are beautiful now, not handsome ok?” Hahahahaha……

Yeah… look at you. You simply enjoy all the washing, blowing and cutting in the salon. You even keep looking into the mirror. At the same time pulled your fringe down since you came home. Typical vein pot like daddy. LOL! 😉

Mummy:”I am sure you had fun, right? So next time we will come and let uncle cut your hair nice nice again, ok?”

Liz:”No… I want auntie to cut my hair.” Hahahahaha……


Let’s bottom’s up

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 10, 2010

Yesterday, we went to another wedding. it’s daddy’s friends getting married. I enjoyed the wedding dinner so much. Everybody “cheers”! And, let’s bottom’s up! Hahahaha……

I also enjoyed singing along with the “jie jie”. I like the song “yue liang dai biao wo de xin” so much. I even dance along when the music get so hot. Ops… I am a bit shy. :$ But, only for a few minutes. As the “jie jie” with glasses was so cute. Other “jie jie” and “ko ko” were so friendly too.  Since all of them on my table like it, let’s do it! Twisting left and right, moving high and low standing right on the baby chair was kind of cool! I feel like a super star now. Hahahaha……

It was all good except mummy can’t “cheez” for me. How come mummy always forget to bring her camera? :roll:

Hooray! As little Elizabeth finally become so friendly and sociable after 37 months old. Definitely is something worth celebrating.  :)


I like My Cousins

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 28, 2009

Mummy was quite worried this morning. As she cried and refused to go to school. I guess the fell really frighten her. Somehow, she was smiling while moving forward to mummy’s car and happily waving good bye to her teacher too while leaving the school after school hours. Now, mummy has no worry at all. As Elizabeth has secure her front tooth. It’s still there. 😉

In fact, little Elizabeth was having a great time, a really great time playing with her cousins on Saturday night.

At first, she was playing rough with Justin before we go to dinner. She kept sticking with him in and out. They are trying to eat the same food at dinner too. What a “Gang”! LOL!

So when mummy thought she was simply more click with Justin…

She changed her mind and was enjoying herself playing the cooking stuffs with Isabelle after we came back from dinner. :)

And look! She can even communicate well with her “ku ku” that night. Eventually, she just want to follow her “Gong Gong” home. Unfortunately, she got music class in the next morning. So, we let her cry for a while as they all leave.

But, it’s a good idea to let her stay with “Poh Poh” for one or two weeks when my SIL come back for holiday again. So that mummy and daddy can go to fantastic places like panama city florida to have a romantic vacation for only 2 of us. Hahaha……

By the way, It’s kind of amaze to see little Elizabeth playing like a kid now. She definitely need more friends.


I want Daddy “Sayang”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 27, 2009

Yesterday was a lucky day. Luckily she never lost her teeth. Luckily she can still eat. Luckily she seems did not suffer much pain. God bless!

Anyway, mummy absolutely felt the pain. When her principle said sorry, mummy replied:”It’s ok.” Mummy knew it was an accident. School principle was kind of concern too. Called again in the afternoon to find out about her condition. Somehow, “Please take good care of Elizabeth.” That’s what mummy is going to say when I send little Elizabeth back to school again.

She fell. One of her classmate knocked her and she fell onto the floor. Deep wound on the gum and keep bleeding until about 4pm yesterday. One of her front tooth still shaking. Mummy really wish that this front tooth can stay until it’s time for the milk teeth to go.

Sorry darling! You have been so brave. Never complain or cry for the pain since the moment mummy picked you up from school. But, I know you ain’t feel nothing. As you keep looking for daddy once you get home yesterday. As you woke up this morning……

Liz:”Where’s daddy?”

Liz:”I want daddy sayang.”

Mummy:”Alright. Daddy sayang. Daddy already go to work. Mummy promise that you will get to see daddy tonight. Even daddy was late last night, but he had bought you Jelly. It’s in the fridge. Want to try?”


Poor Girl! :(

We love you, baby!


A for Apple, B for Bear……

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 1, 2009

Yesterday, she stayed at home. Today, she is absent from school again. The reason is obvious. She has flu again. LOL! Sorry, baby! Mummy was the one who passed it to you. :(

But, she seems happier. Wake up late at about 10.30 am, happily took the Piriton after taking some biscuits. Then, started enjoying herself with the imagination games again as she sat down at the window side. Cheering for the birds flying around. Complaint little bit about the dropping flowers cause by the rain. Imagine that she saw dolphins on the sea and so on. That’s my little cutie! 😉

After a while, she sat down on the floor. Singing ABC’s song, mumbling A for Apple, B for Bear and so on, also busy arranging all the alphabets from A to Z. What a wonderful morning!



Somehow, mummy is kind of worry that the marble flooring is too cold for her as she is still sick. (Told you that tile flooring is better. Ya! Ya! But, nothing to worry. We got sofa. 😉 )

As mummy shifted her to the sofa in the TV area, she said:”Mummy, I forgot to watch TV.” Gosh! What a mistake! We should have moved to the study room. LOL!


Should we stop music lesson too?

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 6, 2009


Look! It’s just like getting married. So cute, right? What a memorable scene during her Kinder Beat music lesson! Somehow, It would be more perfect if the bridegroom is wearing tuxedo. Hahaha……

This weekend, Kinder Beat class is canceled. Just nice to let her get more rest. In fact, mummy is thinking should we stop this music lesson too besides stop schooling? Well, she seems to like music class. Thus, most probably mummy will let her continue as it’s only once a week.

However, she seems to mention a lot about her school these days. Sometimes in the afternoon or night, she will suddenly says:”It’s time to go to school.”

Mummy:” Why you keep mentioning your teachers and friends in school. Do you miss schooling?”

Liz:” Er… No!”

Weird, isn’t it? I think she did miss her school, especially the playground time. As she always said playing in the playground is so fun! But, why she refused to admit it? :roll:

Anyway, still got little bit runny nose today. But, looks like she has regain her appetite and energy. However, she already starts coughing. And, mummy can hear there is phlegm. So she starts taking medication for cough and phlegm too. Poor girl! :(


My Hairband got Bees

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 4, 2009


This is a lovely fairy ! 😛

Am I look like Monkey now? 😉

And, this is how monkey smile! 😛

Look at this cutie. I never knew you actually look so cute with hair band, baby. Simply lovely! Thanks to Auntie Jen for this lovely gift.

But, girl! We are taking pictures for the lovely look of the hair band. Not your tidy and white teeth. Somehow, I think  the third picture is definitely good enough for toothpaste advertisement. Hehe……

But, look at the big tummy of  the 1st picture above. I am sure if it happens to appear in any of the fat burner reviews, I am sure it will be taken off almost immediately. Hahahaha……


Today MC

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 3, 2009

Daddy has gone to Lumut this morning. And will only come back 3 days later. Baby and mummy were left at home. Worst still, we are both sick. But, it’s ok. We are recovering. Elizabeth got runny nose since Thursday. Thus, the yellowish mucus seems stop flowing out from the nose since this morning. No more sneezing too. :)

However,  pity this little girl suffering fever and runny nose since Thursday. So, today MC. No school. Stay at home enjoyed the cartoon and play. In fact, she was so happy when she managed  to catch up with her favorite cartoon called “Animal Mechanical” this morning. 😉

Mummy:” We will skip school today. But, promised that you will go to school tomorrow, k?”

Liz:”……” *Silent* :roll:

Such a “hardworking” girl.


My mouth got blood

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 24, 2009


Yesterday, there is still a big bump. But obviously It’s healing well.

“Don’t worry. She did not complain. In fact, she said no pain.” That’s what mummy keep telling daddy. As daddy was so worried. :(

Little Elizabeth was quite careful most of the time. Thus, she seldom fall. But, just right on the day of the total eclipse of the sun, she fell. I know. Mummy sounds a little bit superstitious. LOL!

Well, she was chasing daddy out to the front door as daddy picked up a call, while mummy was taking my dinner. Then, mummy heard a loud cry. Daddy quickly carry her and saw her mouth was full of blood. She missed a step and fell. Obviously, her lips was bitten by her teeth and was injured seriously.

Frankly, I think that hurts a lot as the wound is full of blood initially. Useless phoneline! The signal in our house never get proper coverage. That’s what makes daddy always got to rush out to receive a call. 😯


Kakak go home Indonesia

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 7, 2009

That’s what she told us when she came home from school. Yes! Good girl! Mummy is so glad that you finally understands and excepts it. 😛

Kakak was sent to the airport by granny yesterday night. Mummy never let little Elizabeth say goodbye to her. We played in the room as granny and kakak sneaked out from the house. No choice. As that should be the best for this little one.

She realized kakak was gone after 15 minutes.

Mummy: “Girl, mummy need to tell you something. Look at mummy. Er… Kakak is flying home to Indonesia now.”

Immediately she run out from the room to the front door and start shouting: “Kakak”……Kakak”…… Soon, she was struggling, kicking,crying at the corner. Tears keep bursting out like heavy rain.

Liz: “Kakak…… Kakak……”

Mummy:” Oh, I am sorry , girl! You still have daddy and mummy. We will always be with you.”

Liz:” No! “Kakak…. Kakak…… Kakak sayang!”

Mummy:” Of course kakak sayang (loves) Elizabeth. But, kakak also loves her daddy and mummy. Kakak have to go back to  Indonesia to be with her daddy and mummy like Elizabeth too. I know you are very upset. Mummy understands. You can cry. Mummy will always be here when you want hug hug, ok?”

She even wee wee on the floor and hoping kakak will come and clean for her. Her intention is clear as she started to calm down when she saw kakak never come out and clean the “shi shi”. So, she let mummy clear it. Then, mummy quickly hug her. Carry her to every corner of the house, hoping she will except that kakak is no longer here.

She is ok later. But, she cried again this morning, as early as 5.30am. As that’s the time she will wake up to drink milk. And, she was sitting at a corner and cried more than 1 hour this time. Poor Girl! We are so sorry! :(

Well, she still stop crying and go to school later. The best part is…… She likes the new kakak so much! Yes! The new kakak came just in time. Right after the old kakak leave. And, little Elizabeth has no problem staying with her in the garden. She even let the new maid washed her hair. That’s amazing! Hahahaha……