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I want to “wee wee” in the toilet

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 31, 2010

As mummy drive you home from school this morning……

Liz:”Mummy, I wan to “wee wee”.

Mummy:”No again.” :roll:

So, we stopped at the petrol station. But, the 2 toilets were occupied. And, we saw the uncle went in to our ladies toilet. Yet, he never come out after about 15 to 20 minutes.

Mummy:”Liz, can we go home and “wee wee”?

Liz:”No! I want to “wee wee” now.

How about you “wee wee” at the drain outside. :(

After we have done……

Liz:”But, I want to “wee wee” in the toilet!”

Mummy:”Sorry, Liz. Next time, ok?”

In fact, this is not the first time. It happens few times ago when we can’t find toilet in the middle of the road while little Elizabeth just can’t hold her “wee wee” anymore. Is mummy doing the right thing? But, I just don’t want to let you suffer from holding your “wee wee”. That really ain’t easy. LOL!


I want daddy!

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 25, 2010

How about that? Refused to get up from the bed? Alright! How about making the wet bed sheet as flying carpet? Kak Sue and mummy will carry it. Let’s fly to the kitchen. Gosh! Still crying. Mummy gave up. You feel free to continue, ok? Hahahaha……

You showed such a bad tantrum yesterday as you refused to wash your body after you “Wee Wee” on mummy’s bed.

Recently, you seems can’t control your “Shi Shi”. You started to “wee wee” on the cushion or bed, depends on where you are having your afternoon nap. That’s not a big problem to mummy. But it seems big to you. You get really frustrated! Felling shameful, disgusting or what?

But, what’s the logic behind the rejection of cleaning after your get wet with the stingy “Shi Shi”? 😯


It’s time to say bye bye to diaper pants

Posted by Everyday Healy on December 9, 2009

Liz:”Mummy, I want “shi shi” (wee wee).”

Mummy:”Ok. Ok. Let’s go.”

Mummy quickly get up from the bed and walked to the toilet with floating steps like a drank man with half opened eyes. You are not walking in a straight line either. Hahahaha……

Obviously, we are both working hard together hoping you can fully leave the diaper pants aside. I knew you are working very hard now. There is no accident in the afternoon anymore. At least 2 months already. You have learn how to hold your “shi shi” and inform mummy much earlier than it’s too late. Excellent!

Also, It’s been days you never wee wee on your diaper pants even though you wake up quite late. Yet, you manage to wake up in the middle of the night as you feel that you need to go to toilet since last night. It’s time to say bye bye to diaper pants. I know we can do it! :)


It’s time to hide

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 9, 2008

With “ah Mah” — granny’s help, I started to “wee wee” in the potty. But, only when I am asked to at the right timing. I got trick actually. Initially, I thought it was a chair. I like chairs. So… It’s ok. Just forget about it! Hahaha…..

“Mum! I am not a pet. I don’t need training. I just “wee wee” on the sofa, the bed, the tent, the floor… anywhere I like!”

“But, I thought you sounds more like a pet now. Human don’t “wee wee” all over the place. We go to toilet, baby.” :(

But, it’s ok. Just make sure you don’t “wee wee” around the tv lift cabinet as there are wires around. That’s dangerous!

Little Elizabeth is getting very shy nowadays. So, she likes to hide around when she “poop” or “wee wee”. Sometimes, I can’t even find the spots where she let go when I found her pants was wet. And, she can never sit down and “poop”. She always did it while standing. Weird, aye?

Alright! I know! That’s Elizabeth style!Hahaha…… Also, she prefer to “poop” in the Drypers. Used to be “Mamy Poko”. But, it’s Drypers Drypantz now. hehe……


I want “wee wee”

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 6, 2008

These few days, Elizabeth started to come to mummy whenever she feels like “wee wee”. That’s a good news, isn’t it? Looks like she finally learned that she should “wee wee” in the toilet.

Mostly as mummy going to bathe together with her, she will surely “wee wee” in the toilet once mummy take out her clothes. Clever, aye? Simply lovely! 😛

But, the bad news is mummy don’t really understand what she means most of the time. She just signal me to go somewhere, but she still don’t know how to say “wee wee” yet. As a result, she will mostly ask me to let her down again. So that she can “wee wee” on the floor when she can’t hold it anymore.

Poor baby! Let’s practice how to say “wee wee” again. Slowly and Steadily. Mummy is confidant that you will voice it out in no time. Keep it up, darling! You did well! 😛


Not Cold Banana

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 8, 2008

Mummy’s 17 months old loves banana. She can eat more than 1 banana at a time. That’s fine as long as she won’t have hard stools. Surprisingly, she refused to eat the banana that just took out from the fridge! I thought you like ice, baby? 😯 hahaha……

Anyway, according to the medical encyclopedia, banana is one of the recommended diet for children recovering from gastrointestinal problems, particularly diarrhea. Basically, Banana, Rice cereal, Applesauce, Toast are called the BRAT diet that commonly recommended by physicians and nurses for binding food and make the stool harder.

Besides, the high potassium in bananas is good for replacing the lost potassium in our body after vomiting or diarrhea.


Bathe with Huggies Cleanteam

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 22, 2008

I think most kids like cartoon characters. So do Elizabeth. In fact, Elizabeth likes bath mates such as “Winnie the Pooh and friends”. May be it’s time to introduce her to some lovely new friends. 😉

Daphne Dolphin

Sammy Snake

Henry Hippo

Freddy Flamingo

Billy Bison

Carly Crab

Wally Whale


Together, they are the Huggies Cleanteam.

Elizabeth likes this short video. She will get close with all these friendly bath mates as soon as they arrived. As they arrived, it’s so easy for mummy to keep little Elizabeth clean too! Clean her hair, clean her body, clean her hands and her bottom! That’s really clean! 😛

Mummy just can’t wait to see Elizabeth smiles, laughs, dances and gets wet together with them in the bathroom. There will be wonderful bath time for mummy, Elizabeth and the Huggies Cleanteam. I can see that they will come in handy and make the potty training process so much easier too. Ultimately, they are mummy’s best friends too! 😛


On the potty, please

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 20, 2008

Elizabeth “pooh” so many times today. From hard to soft and smelly stools, a total of 3 times until now. It’s such a mess! Elizabeth might seems a learned baby these days. Somehow, she is still a toddler. A toddler that never “pooh” on the potty. She still “pooh” in her pants most of the time. :S

She knows that she supposed to “wee wee” in the toilet. Somehow, she just won’t hold mummy’s hand to the toilet whenever she wants to “wee wee”. On the other hand, if mummy bring her to the toilet on time, she will “wee wee”. :roll:
That’s actually great! I think as soon as she can speak in words, she will tell when she wants to answer these calls of nature. But, when are you going to be ready for the potty?


Pooh Pooh

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 25, 2008

Elizabeth normally “poop” 2 to 3 times a day. She has no constipation problem at all since she turned 1. Mummy is very happy with that. However, it’s kind of messy while traveling with toddler which “poop” 2 to 3 times a day, isn’t it? :(

Somehow, mummy already get used to it. As she will be wearing disposable diaper whenever she goes out. So, mummy just have to clean her backside with wet tissues and throw the diaper away. That’s not complicated at all. :)

Anyway, Elizabeth is already coming to 16 months old. However, she still don’t “pooh pooh” in the potty. Instead, mummy found out that she loves to poop in her “Mummy Poko” (diaper). So, mummy never force her to sit on the potty anymore. I believe one day she will learn how to do it like us.

Meanwhile, mummy want her to feel comfortable every time she “pooh pooh”. As long as she is not constipated. Anything is fine! :)



Posted by Everyday Healy on January 29, 2008

Elizabeth “p” on the floor this evening. It’s usual to see this situation as mummy had stop using nappy. So, most of the time little Lizzy is only wearing panty. Somehow, mummy were so shock to hear Elizabeth shouting for “ka”, “kaka”, “kaka” after she had “p”.

She just stand still and keep shouting for “kaka” after she “she she”. It’s cute. And, at this point, does it means she already reach an understanding that my maid is working for us? Or she is being closer to my maid recently? As she don’t ask for our help, but hers! 😯

Somehow, I can confirmed that she knows how to call “Kakak”. That’s a good news. And, she has learn to ask for help as she gets wet. Hopefully soon she will inform us before she wants to “she she”. 😉

I’ll be even happier if she is willing to sit down on the potty when she wants to “poop”.

“Elizabeth, please get rid of your bad habit as soon as possible! No one will stand when they want to “poop”!”

“So weird! Just “poop” into the potty, will you?” That would save mummy from spending on toilet rolls or disposable gloves that use to pick up her smelly “poop”. :roll:

In fact, she used to poop or “p” into the potty. I really had no idea since when she changed her mind! Naughty girl!


Wake up? Wee Wee…

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 18, 2007

I really do not sure when is the right time to give Elizabeth potty training. However, She started quite early. I started potty trained her few months back. I think should be around her 7th month.

Anyway, she already did it quite well now. Even though she still do not know how to signal me when she wants to let go. But, I realized these 2 weeks, she started to make noise when she wants to poop. Although not every time, but most of the time she will do it. May be she is trying to tell me, I believed she is trying hard to tell me ” mummy… I want to poop!” Good try, baby. Mummy believe soon you will manage to tell. :)

Even she can’t tell, it’s still easy to know weather it’s time she wants to let go. Normally, she will poop while standing. She will stand still at that time. And, both of her eyes will turn red and wet when she start uses her strength. Once I saw her reactions, I will quickly grab the potty and get her sit on it once I’ve taken off her pants. She is wiling to sit down most of the time if she is given some toys. it can be as simple as a plastic bottle, a colored ball or a rattle. ( I personally felt this is the best trick to make a baby sit down on the potty for a longer time frame.)

Also, she is still wearing cloth nappy during day time. And, “mummypoko” at night or while she is out. However, every time when she wake up from her short nap, I will surely let her wee wee by sitting on the potty. So far, these are successful experiences as she normally don’t wet her pants while she is still “snoring”. 😀

Oh…. mummy! Not again! I am still sleepy ler… (Actually, there are pieces of grapes in her mouth. Yes, she is also very much willing to sit down properly if I feed her some snacks.) Anyway, I think she looks really cute with this dreamy face. She still look sleepy, isn’t she?  😉

So, good luck to all of you who did not start potty trained your baby and still looking forward to it. Hopefully, I have made a great sharing that is useful to you. 😛